Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Who asked you?

It's a general rule that fat phobes are always using fat people as a canvas on which to project and talk about themselves; what they perceive as their own needs or what's good for them. Here's an example of this condescending projection from some random fat hating tool laying down what fat people are and are not experiencing according to his very good self. 

He patiently attempts to explain what manners are-well we might not know facing an onslaught of impertinent outflow such as this- plus a crash course in what a bedside manner is and what's an acceptable version of that is and how we are not actually experiencing anything in our befatted heads. Because he says so.

All bow down to his spectacular irrelevance.

He takes for granted that we haven't had sufficient experience with the medical profession, despite our apparently unhealthful self affliction.

From people who demonstrate their impeccable judgement by going along with the definition of people as disease (and then bleat stupidly when the med prof run with that.) Who claim without shame that a habit of drinking an excess of alcohol is just like the processes of hunger, eating, digestion, metabolism and weight, which they brilliantly conflate into one thing.

With straight faces.

You always have to find the key to what fat phobic bleats are really about. There's always something at stake for fat phobes and however minimal it is and it is usually. They just feel its oh so important for fat people to sacrifice themselves for this non-entity of a cause. It's never about fat people or what might be best for us, though it tries pathetically to pose as such. Out of practice makes unconvincing.

I'm thinking this is likely to be the monay shot;
Even if we already know that some of these things are bad for us, our doctors still tell us, because hearing these things from a doctor can often instill us with the fear-based motivation we could not find within ourselves.
And due to that incontinent sense of entitlement of "we", fat people should be harangued ceaselessly. Just for "we."

That's the view from a person who isn't fat. But we're supposed to mistake it for universal. Doctors and their "evidence-based" magic! It's been 'proven' that a doc talking about your weight means success in lifestyle-anorexia.

What fat people want is to be heard. A visit to the doctor's called a consultation, because you consult with your doctor about symptoms you actually have. They need to hear what fat people have to say. Not impose their own fatuous monologue brooking no response or challenge. 

You do not go to your doctor to hear a fictionalized version of your body, habits and life and assertions of 'advice' you know doesn't work and has done you harm. And how people who dispense pills for every ache and pain, think a life time of semi-starved hunger dodging ain't nothing but a little thing (yeah, because they've got no pills to dole out for that). 

Despite what this chat may be perceived to do or not do for those who aren't fat. They can arrange to experience the novelty of docs socking it to those them if that's what they so desperately want. [Just not with help from us any more. And yes, you're going to miss that.] Of course they don't want that. They want YOU to dread another tedious waylaying because that's somehow essential to the plot of the story.

Any participation in this Caucasian-style hoodoo investment in medical priests doctors should be strictly voluntary. Encouraging the idea that doctors have powers they don't have is part of the problem. Reliance on shock and fear rather than self awareness is another. What sort of  practice of medicine is that?

We belong to ourselves, we're supposed to have some clue about how we feel and what leads to how we are currently feeling. That's not a panacea to health nor always possible or tolerable, but I really find it peculiar that so many people have to go to the doctor to be told what size they are, or how unfit they may or may not be.

Setting up fat people to take a fall, on the off chance of others experiencing some "fear-based" discouragement to not eat, exercise or "reverse thinspo" as the experts call it, was not our plan. Therefore we need have no loyalty to it. Take care of your own self maintainence. 

We signed on for weight reduction, for fitting in and we worked very hard, many of us gave it everything we had, not to be sacrificed for an all around failed strategy. To achieve something we thought was positive.

Those who are not fat have become too reliant on the stigmatization, harassment and sense of defeat of others, are not owed it, they were unwise to develop dependence, let them break it. 

So, no, we cannot pretend not to know what we know, for you. To not experience what we've experienced and are still experiencing for you. We cannot turn ourselves into mung beans, on the off chance that this will help you to remain/regain slimness. We have our own needs and if that's not good for you, that's not our problem.

Not only has this 'obesity' as reverse-thinspo plan failed, it's an immoral plan.

Get a new one. This one's on its way out. No matter what you say.

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