Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Something I did to relieve myself of a very trying eating disorder-hyperphagia nervosa (HN) or over functioning hunger/appetite mechanisms-was to (what I called) "train my nervous system down." To retrain it from hyperactive to calm.

First at rest, later in action. This was a slow process where I first trained myself to be physically and mentally calmer whilst still. The next step was to transfer as much of this learned state of calm as I could to motion.

I was amused to find out that this reference to the tension in your nervous system, has been coined; generalized anxiety disorder [GAD], since 1980 apparently! Typical of psyche professionals turning the whole world into a psyche ward.

What I saw as merely part of a condition, is named as a "disorder" in its  own right. Boo hoo.

This kind of thing is one of many reasons why 'obesity' isn't compatible with modern society's trends. It's not just that it is demanded that you prioritize other people's offense with your existence/physique, it's that you have to dry their tears over something you barely have time to take seriously.

Whilst being accused of being the ones too incontinent to stop considering every little thing an illness-remember critique of the AMA's "obesity is disease" as if we personally said it was.

We of course didn't.

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