Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Something I seem to have failed to get fully across to fatz is just what an unprecedentedly peculiar consciousness we've been cornered into. Many fatz trade in the sob fatty story, they feel the only way they can communicate with slimstream is to accede to their demands that we are tragically melancholy about our rape-proof status lols.

Enter, the DM (and others) reporting a new "bizarre new "roast me" craze". This unheard of pastime involves posting a picture onto the internet and inviting people to insult you on the basis of what you look like.

Or in other words, exactly what is supposed to save the 'obese'. In this case it is invited, therefore consensual-signalled by the person holding up a sign in said picture with "roast me" written on it. 

Do you remember consent? That's when you decide of your own volition to do or not do stuff. Those were the days......

The DM and others rightly state inviting people to abuse you is not a health aid. It is not the sign of a healthy psyche or a moral character. It is not even a signal that one seeks to exit the depths of bonbon-related depravity.

It is bizarro.

It requires an explanation. Acceptance of such would be a deviation from the norm.

More than this, if you do not consent, and are just set up for it, you are the victim.

Fat people are truly gracious in bearing this.

There are rules to this. Comments should be "dry and funny". Only with permission, as already stated. The uses of said forum, should be older than 13, to give this consent. Leaving the youngest children out of it.

How civil.

Time served playing 'obese' is like having been in a mind-altering cult. Your will is bent into the service of the cult, rather than yourself. The two are presented as if they are one.

After an experiment there's debriefing. After a cult comes deprogramming.

The aim is to restore the mind back to its equilibrium of judgement.

Going from a savage internal monologue of fat hating to a truer sense of yourself, on the basis of will, is such a feat that people struggle to see beyond that.

Wonderful though that is, it isn't enough. Fat people, activists included need to develop methods of debriefing/ deprogramming our minds from the punctured perspective that has been so normalised.The refusal to call time on the crusade means, no one wants us to, perhaps even us. 

From where many of us stand, it threatens to put so much distance between us and the slimstream that it feels like a greater test of sanity than dealing with fat phobic norms.

Given fat people have no interest in separating ourselves from slim people. On the contrary. We've always sought connection, from our extreme dedication to  [re-]join them in the utopia of slim. To now when we twist ourselves out of shape to try communicating on their terms, and pay the price for that ourselves. 

Limitations on the respect a person has for themselves will curtail the ability to respect others, even those we give as much respect to as slim people.

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