Monday, 20 June 2016

Real Clean Eating

Here's one for the clean eating brigade......Japanese cafe chain apologies for using detergent instead of oil to fry their doughnuts. Now that shows real commitement to dietary cleanliness. And as everyone knows, cleanliness is next to go(o)dliness.
Afternoon recalling the affected batch of fried items after customers complained of numbness in their tongues. 
How interesting. Usually the numbness of clean eating centres its affects on undermining cognitive function. Mind you, having a numb tongue could be of assistance. Throughout history, accident has become serendipity, sparking unforeseen human advance. 

Perhaps you can whack some washing powder over the salad leaves you saw at as you would a steak. Wash it down with a shot of washing up liquid, with no feeling it your tongue it could pass as a clean creme de menthe.

Hey, if a person can 'use' food as a drug, then there's no reason detergent cannot be 'used' for food in the same way. As in not.

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