Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Privilege of Being Fat

The venerable Stephen Hawking has decided to weigh-in [geddit] on the subject du nos jours.  

Witness agog,

 Stephen Hawking-Bigotry can dim brilliance

At the moment humanity faces a major challenge. And millions of lives are in danger.....I am here to address one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st Century.
Really? I'm sure scientists are working night and day to come up with the most efficient and effective solution to avert this crisis... no?
As a cosmologist, I see the world as a whole.
I'm sure you also view the human body in the same holistic way. How does the body create its own mass? Why would a person withdraw fuel, rather than adjust mechanics that exist to be adjusted?
Today too many people die from complications related to "overweight" and 'obesity'.
That would make even more of an incentive to find the most effective and efficient means of manipulating the function that creates and regulates body mass. I'm sure "obesity science" is desperately at it right now.
We eat too much and move too little. Fortunately the solution is simple....
Hey, anyone can fast/ starve or run around as they wish or are able, but real control of weight, requires pushing at the frontiers of current knowledge. I'm sure that's what's happening as we speak.
....more physical and a change in diet.
Yep, he said that, more physical activity. It gets better/worse though;
For what its worth, how being sedentary has become a major health problem is beyond my understanding.
I actually laughed out loud at that point.

It could be seen in two ways, the first is obvious, the other as an ironic statement-if read literally-on his own condition.

Here is a man who survived 50 + years past his own initial prognosis supposedly accepting the notion that being sedentary is the world's 4th largest killer, without it seemingly raising any red flags in his mind.

Why isn't he dead then? The man's 74 years of age.

Not only does he have some form of motor neurone disease, he counts as "sedentary," because that's measured as people who do not exercise. 'Obesity' wallahs exclude work and physical circumstances be damned. Ableist and classist, amongst other things.

He's also not exactly packing timber himself, so him claiming without irony, that the "answer" is to get off your arse feels like a spoof. This signals the real echo chamber that is 'obesity' it is imposed on others and has little to do with reality.

This shows us again that anyone who accepts 'obesity' is a thing, dies a death of the mind. I've said this times without number-it is a concept that is incompatible with rational thought.

If you want to avoid looking like a tool, abolish 'obesity' from your vocab. I think I've been very nice in giving folks the heads up on that one. But if they wish to keep showing themselves up, that's on them.

You'd think given that he is an actual physics master, that he could see through this at some point, but he either doesn't, or is feeling the "noble lie" horseshit authority tells itself. This is for youth, so it's mis-using authority to hoodwink them.

The real lesson for them to learn is-apart from SCIENCE WORKS dieting doesn't- it doesn't matter how much brilliance you have, you still have to apply it. You still have to exercise judgement. Plus it requires humility enough not to be convinced by the notion that other people are really are too stupid to grasp ELMM.

This is the privilege of being fat. Seeing the limits of human intelligence and character exposed before your eyes. I'd have to be far cleverer than I am to see this. Ironically, Hawking is supposed to have the kind of brain power that has left him in the position often in his life.

Not this time. This time he's been suckered.

From someone who has for so long defied medical prediction and platitude to fail this test is perhaps more forgivable than many.

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