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Organ Strippers Dissatisfied, Run for the Hills

Happy 2017!!!

Hey, better late than nevvah.

Snatching a look back on 2016 there are a lot of articles I've not published responses to, so forgive me if things feel a tad recherche for a bit.

For instance, "Americans Blame Obesity on Willpower, Despite Evidence It's Genetic" features a survey measuring whether the propaganda delivered by 'obesity' crusaders' is serving the end of the crap-drug pushing, mutilating interests of the 'obesity' cult.

Here's a case where funding, the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, tells you more or less everything about its purpose. 

To recap, the 'obesity' crusade is a cultic quack effort brought to us by a mixture of researchers, public health doctors and medical professionals. Such decided to use the (non-fat) public as enforcers of un or dis-ease in fat people, as if fat people weren't sufficiently uneasy about not fitting in sizewise.

The views of this misdirection amounted to a collective consciousness, underwritten by the brazen abuse of the profound trust in science and the medical profession. Everything about 'obesity' from the term itself to the so called beliefs and notions expressed by anyone and everyone about it comes directly from the crusade in its honour. It's hardly a colloquial term.

Take the obsessional blame framing [somebody please do]. Culpability is central to morality. When you commit an act or acts you either know to be wrong or find out is/are wrong, as a moral being, you then seek to make amends for your transgression.

That formed a consensus as much in fat people as anyone else.

Essentially, this survey is measuring the strike rate of 'obesity' crusaders own agitation and propaganda. What slimz especially choose to ignore is we are all its tools whether we are its [nominal] targets or not. It mis-uses us all.

I shouldn't need to tell anyone with more than a functioning brain cell that this is particular initiative is profoundly disturbed. I can't decide whether this is up there with female genital mutilation. My mind has passed over the thought of the proverbial gun to the head; excision of clitoris or stomach?

Would you have your vulva sewn into a tiny hole, or the nub remnant of your stomach connected to lower down your intestine? Both could lead to your death. Both attack health for other people's fee fees rooted in their hateful ideologies.

Before anyone tells me how nice these people are, nice equals having nothing to do with this. Nice at least starts to wake up when its indulgence hits the organs people need to function properly.  Think paedophiles and the removal of their genitals.

Does that sound better than this, worse, the same, what?

This cutty outfit informs us of the public doing what they're been given permission to do, undermining fat people's social standing and mental/physical health, in order to "motivate" us to futile attempts at inducing our bodies to let go of weight via calorie restriction.

Since enough of us have been literally dis-illusioned, they wish public and medical professionals-to switch from free-form calorie restriction to calorie restriction implemented by surgery and/or backed up by drug delusion.

To switch from pretending fatness =bad person, to fatness =disease. From un/dis-ease to disease. According to these, both public and medics appear to be balking at that particular lie.

Just because the public and medics are perfectly prepared to regurgitate lie after lie, doesn't mean any old lie will do. Over the last few years, agit-prop insisting weight is a serious threat to health has intensified. According to this, weight is now tied with cancer, amusingly demoting a real disease- cancer-to a "health threat" and promoting a product of metabolic function into pretend disease.

I say demote/promote, because the Internet classes have taught me virtually anything can be viewed solely in terms of status/non-status.

All this suggests the public and medics are on board with the crusade as a moral one, not as a money making scheme for organ stripping and crappy-drug peddling. Oh the nuance.

'Obesity' has always been a collaborative affair. People know its all bullshit, they collude with it because it satisfies some aspect of their tedious on-going psychedramas. What does pretending weight is disease do for that? Cutty-druggists are offering the pretence that weight is a disease can be "treated", but that game of fake disease and taking drugs isn't illness/treatment. It's fake disease is depressing and crappy-drugs lift the gloom. They act as placebos to lift the demoralizing notion of fake disease.

The best way to avoid that is to not demoralize yourself by pretending states are disease when they aren't.

What's more, unlike neuroses/mood disoders, weight is a product of normal function. You cannot treat the product of normal physiological function/ reaction.You don't need to, you need to find out how to take hold of the reins so to speak.

Think of one "obesity treatment" that doesn't attack healthy function. The 'obesity' cult targeted people's self esteem and mental health. Cal res attacks hunger/appetite function. Drugs attack healthy organs and surgery removes them.

If weight is so bad why can't they attack the badness trumpeted so relentlessly? 'Obesity' wallahs are like guerrillas claiming they're fighting the bad guys all via friendly-fire. When are you going to hit your enemy? The purported unhealth rather than health?

Probably never within this construct, because its "enemy" is human function. Instead of directing that medically qualified people prefer to wreck it so it cannot perform properly.

Branding the body "disease" is supposed to enable everyone to get on board with this insanity.


Malevolent and stupid. The one leading to the other. A reminder of why the most truly intelligent tend to have a supple and unyielding compassion.

Self-help is one of the few things that have come out of this. All around us we see the desire of people to change their health, putting paid to the lies told by those wishing to take over our lives in the name of 'health'.

Individuals should be able to "summon enough willpower", or link conscious intent to shift their own bodily function. We should have the right techniques. That's all we wanted, not endless assaults on our health.

All I learned in 20 years of dieting was seeking to induce weight loss by cal res is a fool's errand. That's it.

I never had a problem with self-help and not bothering the doctor with stuff they don't need to be involved in. On the contrary, nothing could persuade me to be willingly at the sole mercy of those promoting this degeneracy.

The alternative that's missing from all this is to find a way or ways to adjust the destination of homoeostasis. The focus should not be on an arbitrary weight line but on physiology, like real science.

Something that needs to be said every time anyone mentions weight.

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