Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Body Knows

I like this response to the usual drivel about weight, from "Barbyr"
I'm here to tell you I don't believe any of these scientists really have any idea what's going on. I'm boycotting these articles and studies. They are fluff pieces injurious to our mental health.
I'm feeling that last line especially right now. Some folks come back at her a bit and she responds,
Luck and genes keep me thin - will power has very little to do with it.
Indeedy. My body too keeps and has kept me from being 600lbs, my willpower has absolutely nothing to do with that, unless you mean avoiding the 'temptation' to follow orders. The message is getting out there though, people are sick and tired of other people's anorexic fantasies.

But that's not enough.

Scientists must be told to work out how the body regulates its weight and find a way or ways to key into that, preferably using the conscious mind, to trigger it. Or some other benign factor.

I don't care whether you call yourselves a fat activist, body positivist or are just a common garden person, or even someone who's had their gastric organs redesigned. Everybody needs to get on board with this message.

Even if you're happy with your body, doesn't matter, others aren't and if there is nothing for them but whatever is thrown at them, then more of them will be killed by these mutilations and poisoned by shit drugs.

So yeah, tell anyone and everyone you know that the key is science not social engineering, do it whether you are okay with your body/accept it, like it, love it or don't. Make it clear that the reason you've decided to make peace with your body is not "fat acceptance" its because the(ir) alternative is so much worse.

And it is, that is no joke. A life sentence of dieting for most people is not only not possible, it's questionable as to whether its worth living. That's a shocking thing to say I know, but having what you eat decided by others is way more than just 'advice', it's like being taken over by an eating disorder, somone else's. And we all know how eating disorders make people feel.

What makes people get cut is feeling trapped, no one should be forced to accept or mutilate.

Face it, the only way these fanatics will shut up is if there is a way to alter our weight properly. Only then will they have to find something else to gain significance. Don't you want Jamie Oliver to have to face his life?


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