Monday, 1 December 2008

Diet? No need for scam

Through Hera Telia's post today, I found out about this diet scam website. Interestingly enough, it hasn't been updated for years, possibly because the author has realised that the word 'scam' coming after the word, 'diet' is a redundancy.

Dieting has become a scam on all levels because people refuse to accept the truth about it. The site mentions the usual stuff about how fad diets are bad high protein diets are unhealthy, not mentioning that it's recent revival was lead by a heart doctor. It gives all sorts of tips on healthy weight loss, such as don't skip meals, which should be pretend you aren't skipping meals, as lowering calories is skipping meals and rearranging the meals you have left in order to look as if you haven't skipped a meal. Why this should work is a mystery, but it's success along with other wise tips can be found in the apparently burgeoning obesity rate. One that often comes up is shown here as a myth;

"I can lose weight whilst eating anything I want".

According to calorie restriction, this should easily be true, and indeed to be fair the site author says: 'When trying to lose weight, you can still eat your favorite foods—as long as you pay attention to the total number of calories that you eat.' it's not a myth then is it?

But what is shows is the underlying attitudes towards weight loss, even if it's in the rules, if it may not hurt or be less than unpleasant, it feels wrong, even though it isn't by the rules of the game. This resentment of anything that smacks of freedom or lack of pain is part of the whole mythology of dieting, even though many try to claim this is just down to people bringing bad attitudes to dieting, I believe that it is the other way around, there is something about dieting that lends itself to a hatred of pleasure, comfort or ease. Which is why I've feel that there is a degeneracy intrinsic to dieting that simply isn't being faced by those who try to rescue it.

Dieting is not worth saving, weight loss though is, for reasons stated in this post.

A lot of people within fat acceptance will not like this, but they have fallen into the trap of those who pretend weight loss must equal pain and suffering- it is a deliberate strategy and it's about time to wake up to that fact.

Its' a strange idea for many that weight loss from deliberate reduction of calories is not the same as spontaneous weight loss, usually as a side effect of some other change of circumstance, psychology. Diets and other calorie manipulation, tries to jump the gun, behaving as if pretending to be slim resolves underlying cause.

It's hard to make this distinction because of the manipulation to direct everyone into the dieting cul de sac, which the majority of us have bought into, it is a biological kink that needs to be better understood in order to rescue weight loss from the hell that is calorie manipulation.

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