Saturday, 3 January 2009

I say euphemisms because

Through well rounded type2 , I encountered

The blatantness of the title attracted my interest. I've begun to forget what it's like to calmly and graciously believe, that diets can't fail, only people can fail diets.

I've learned to avoid this sort of thing because it is a downer on so many levels.

It is tedious. It never goes anywhere and has no hope of going anywhere, because it is a point of view that has made up it's mind. Nothing can shift it, because it is a closed circle. Diets cannot fail, only people can fail diets, it is endlessly self perpetuating, it is not disprovable on it's own terms. It is a circle that is closed. It isn't talking to fat people, only at them, it appears to be about them but is not about them, it's about repeating the laws of diet. Reading about it feel, can feel annihilating.

It is incapable of accepting that there could be good honest reasons why fat people have 'failed' to become permanently thin, using diets, and euphemisms for dieting to achieve the state of grace that is thinness.

It has not delivered and doesn't have to, the people who take it up have to, you have to. People think this is the harshness of truth, but that is the diet not working which is so unacceptable that it's harshness has to be avoided. That evasion creates the leads to bitterness.

Only when there is some interaction with the congregation. Some prospect of spontaneous exchange, plus the joy of creativity, will there be hope that this deadening process of pointless blame will end.

No prospect of change or evolution of any real kind is on offer only endless repetition, which often means regression.

When I say lifestyle is a euphemism for diet, I'm saying it because I feel that fatness is a state of being that is itself a circular process. Dieting pretends to do something about controlling this circle, when all it really does is disrupt it, forcing it to become unbalanced and distressed.

According to it's own rules based mainly on identifying symptoms as causes, it's dicktats claim to be based on biology, but to be based on something is not necessarily to be that thing.

Because dieting doesn't do anything about the circle that is weight, it runs around after the fact, the circle continues imperative is to put itself together again, removing this interruption.

If you feel of touch with your hunger signals it increases this, by making what you eat and how much no longer your body's decision to make. This means it is likely at least for the duration of the diet your natural hunger and appetite needs are virtually out of the picture. This tend to be make them more assertive until they become overwhelmng.
Nature tends not to nourish that that does not fulfil or serve it's purpose, it can be ruthless like that.

Healthy eating-to lose and maintain weight loss- essentially does the same thing, leaves the momentum of fatness untact and probably stronger than before, due to mounting its defence. Running around after the fact of the creation of your signals. Using strategies of avoidance that further undermine the balance and integrity of an intricate set of mechanisms, designed to read your energy and nutritient needs.

That's why I say, euphemism, lifestyle change is just another way of saying diet, if it's to lose weight it's a diet, no matter what you call it.

No me neither, this is why Oprah 're-gained' weight it is her design the same as every other diet 'failure'. She entered into a process that was in competition with that specifically designed to regulate her weight. Using the same equipment-the nervous system- that regulates that original system. Without our awareness of it.

This can be done for a while, but at some point you run out of rope, as a commenter on the site said so aptly:

...............this hit a nerve as, after nine seemingly effortless months of healthy eating and regular physical activity, I am going through a rough patch and do not want to gain back any of the weight that I have lost to-date.

It can be unnerving to suddenly find what you were doing so naturally before suddenly unravel before you, inexplicably. It's the defences catching up with your efforts.

If you 'overcome' this, then you will go on to the next and the next, usually it wins, because it knows more than you, it can fight better than you.

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