Thursday, 8 January 2009

Fat not likely to be a choice

Perusing this I've toyed with this line myself, but it really doesn't work.

The rejection of unreasonable demands cannot be seen as a choice in the same sense as deciding on what you want to do, or rejecting the possible. A big fallacy that operates even amongst those who should know better, is that pain is the reason why diets and exercising yourself to slimness falter so badly That's simply is not correct. This falsely misrepresents not only the character of fat people, but of human beings in general.

Numerous are the times that this myth of why diets fail has been used to discredit not only fat people, but people in general, and it's time we put a stop to it.

I'm cannot disagree with the fact that we human beings have our moments, but as they are so plentiful, we invent them at our peril sticking with our actual sins is more than enough to be going on with, lets not get greedy.

The reasons why dieting and exercise fail stems from the fact that the body is designed to resist them, it uses all means it can to achieve this. Such is the strain of this herculean effort is that it seems to run out of space to hold thoughts that aren't deeply ingrained. It's a bit like the way group therapy becomes extra brain space for you, when you are trying to .

Time after time, people find perfectly rational approaches to weight loss, that don't hurt them in any tangible way. Things appear to be going to plan and then phhfftt! Just as suddenly as you thought you had found the way, you find you can no longer seem to do what you have just been doing. Discovering this can be almost eerie, you reach a certain point, sometimes it's a certain amount that has been lost. It's as if the body's said, OK, now I'm going to get serious with you. You just find that you've suddenly run out of road.

The choice thing doesn't work for me, because for me, like most fat people I think, it is not a direct choice, weight gain is mostly much like weight loss. It's orgins are hard to trace. The extra eating lack of exercise thing is likely to be symptom as cause. If I'd chosen to be fat I'd say so, I didn't, it doesn't make any difference to whether it is blameworthy or not. I've always felt responsible about it, it's just that what was supposed to remove weight, is unlikely to and deeply unplesant. One thing I can choose to be glad about, is that diets have failed, they deserve to.

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