Wednesday, 25 July 2012


As the fat hating consciousness was gaining momentum, we were expected to return fire. We never really were able to, not from a fatcentric point of view, though we might have squirmed desperately trying to "answer" the rhetorical guilty verdict this is, "Why're ya fat?"

At some point instead of making sorties then tensing up waiting for the expected explosive reaction, there was a taking for granted that no more than an ineffectual squeak at best, would come forth.

That shift of energy, like when the fight goes out of something wild and it is tamed, was fat people permanently relocated to the backfoot.

Things proceeded from there. No matter how angry, forceful nay formidable a fat person was in general, barely were they or anyone else able to surmount that deadened sense of being overrun and cornered.

Now that we've realize our part in that and are ready to do what it takes to advance again to re-gain our own selves; we seem to some to be rather rude. By that I'm not referring to the quality of response according, to character mood or mode of expression and so forth.

I mean merely saying anything that isn't defenselessness so palpable that it leaves a scent. 

The rudest of all is to simply respond, converse, debate, argue whatever, as if you know you have some idea of what you are talking about. Without any apologia, or countless reference to how well meaning you know disingenuous irrational hatred is.

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