Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The truth gets handled

Well well, well;

Again, the commonly held idea that moderate exercise is helpful for weight loss is somewhat destructive. Weight loss requires sustained, strenuous exercise to the point of extreme fatigue. Period. If you don't have the physical capacity for that, you cannot lose weight, probably not even with surgery. It also requires, not eating in moderation, but practically starvation. Starvation responses occur in different people at different calorie levels, but the effect is the same. That's too much to glibly expect from someone, especially someone who is extremely obese. And sustained maintenance of greatly reduced weight is very, very rare.
It just goes to show that you don't have to agree with someone to know they've got the point. It's not really about weight loss, its about lowered calorie intake and increased energy expenditure. "Physical capacity" is really susceptibility toward anorexia. That is in itself a large spectrum. From someone like Debra to someone like me who is pretty much dietproof.

And I'll have no nonsense about how its "insulting" to call strenuous weight maintenance that, it's the way we are made. This is obscured by the malevolent Gothic melodrama of what we usually think of as AN, the one where the system is taken over by or implodes into it. Rather than this where a conscious and sustained effort of will is the drive.

I've almost given up trying to explain the ability to do even this goes on top of (and probably overlaps) that susceptibility. You need both to get on to that register and according to Debra, that's about 3% of people who lose weight.

Anorexia has been of course classed as a mental illness, but that has always felt as much about politics as illumination. It is effectively the prescribed remedy for 'obesity' is this, too much identification with anorexics makes that more obvious. Neither anorexics or medical authority wishes to draw attention to the link.

And the idea that its too much to expect from someone who's fatter than most is bullshit. It would be cruel if it worked and it can't even manage that. The ability to diet does not follow the weight scale.

There are plenty of thin and slim people who could do it at gunpoint. They don't have to worry about that. If they become fat, that's that.

The former fattest man in the world was thin in his 20's which was going the second decade of fatness for me.

In the main its clear, most people simply cannot become anorexic seeing that is probably what those defences are there to prevent. Apart from succumbing to a real famine. If calorie restriction worked, it wouldn't be necessary.

We've decided not to accept this. The belief invested in the myth of WLD efficacy could move mountains. And fat people are so erased as meaningful in anyway in this area, that it actually prevents many from coming to the above terms with clear facts.

It's this refusal that's sidelined any other possibilities.

The anti humanism of fat phobia becomes intellectualism of a kind most ferocious.

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