Monday, 8 October 2012

Puny Accusation

I still remember when I first started commenting on the internet. I was on a certain leftist blog.  Having one of my sadly numerous desolate sub-conversations with a smug middle class man. During which, he asserted laziness was a character flaw.

I responded that I did not view it this way.

End of conversation.

Apparently, if I was too out of it not to know the profound truth he uttered, when I heard it. We could hardly continue our futile 'exchange'.

This part of the internet has been strange for me. I expected to find connection with like minds. It has not been so-for varying reasons-in the main.

So I was glad to see someone else knows this.

Laziness, that great cloud stalking fat people under the puny caricature of 'obese', is itself a lazy accusation. In whomever this quality is found, it is usually some kind of mental protest. Sometimes its the early stages of a kind of melancholia, or even depression.

We can see a form of it manifesting in the rigid adherence to the calorie/expenditure model as the be all and end all of weight regulation. It's devotees want it to be it, hence they lack an overwhelming drive to go on and fill in the gaps.

Expectation is the key to this form of indolence. They feel it has already been done, when in fact, it hasn't.

Communication didn't have to be this hard. Some just want it to be.

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