Thursday, 11 October 2012

Urban Revelation

I have my own feelings about both the use of the concept of privilege as central to understanding fat people's situation. Either way, Big Liberty has written a new version, it starts;
The state of receiving unearned social status, notoriety, workplace and academic merit, attention from prospective dating partners, media attention, and other perks from being perceived as 'thin.' Can also encompass greater access to healthcare, likelihood of attaining gainful employ, association with positive traits like being a good parent, person, or lover, accommodation in public and private transportation, and the ability to immigrate to New Zealand (check: there's a BMI limit) -- by virtue of being 'thin.'
 The first definition by someone called *thinniswill begins thus;
The concept where overweight and obese Tumblr users (usually white women, but not limited to race, gender, or sex) whine about how being fat is equal to the years of oppression similar to racism. More accurately, an ongoing game of sour grapes, wherein those too lazy to change themselves will instead blame society for the fact that they're missing out on all the best parts of life. 
Yeah, having as rarefied an intellect as this no doubt. And can I just say how much I enjoy the use of race as a way of trying to induce shame fat? Black People exist, for that kind of use.

Well, I suppose it makes a change from the Holocaust.

I couldn't fail to notice the definitions of thinspiration, first;
1.)Thin + Inspiration.

a.)A person's thinspiration is usually an Image or Photograph, but can be many other things like: Lyrics, Poems, Quotes, Sayings, etc..

b.)An inspiration to stay thin.
And second;
something that mostly anorexics and bulimics use. Is usually in the form of a picture in which ana and mia people look to to gain inspiration to continue starving themselves in order to reach an ideal that they will never be able to get to.
common thinspirations:
There are three more. They are all by different people. The closest thing to an insulting word or term I could find amongst them was, emaciated. And that could be debatable.

Here's anorexia and here's 'obesity', excuse the comparison, but it just goes to make the point that it doesn't make any difference whether you are "mentally ill" or not, if you are slim. [I couldn't resist adding fat, post edit, I think you know what to expect, enjoy!]

The latter is commented upon, a soulless wasteland of nothing but what the definer wishes to say, basically a cheap crack. The first one is the voice of those concerned, you can tell. They can challenge even dominant views and that still makes sense, it's still feels worthy of consideration.

They are never disqualified from being.  From first person testimony of their own. Not having to regurgitate the hostile and hateful as if that is how they feel.

I think that about sums up the privilege accorded slim people. Fat people are looked upon, lazily defined as caricature. And no, that isn't an irony at all.

Slim people just ARE.

* Oh, did I just make up my own version of something?

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