Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Compassion Fatigue

We don't need to ask fat phobes if they've got any compassion, nothing so high falutin' is required. We are talking removing the deliberate suspension of common courtesy. I don't have one iota of compassion for a certain well known, repeated child sex abuser.

Yet when people started voicing their indifference to preserving his life, that it would be okay for him to be left to die, I instinctively drew the line. He is human and should be accorded the same rights to preserving his life as everyone else. As worthless as that life may be.

 Although it may sound a bit cheesy, there's a point where attempting to demean others demeans you in order to do it. In fact, it's quite possible that's pretty early on.

Knowing that requires no compassion whatsoever. Common decency or living up to your beliefs is not compassionate, it just feels too basic for that.

Such is the extent to which crude abuse of fat people is aired here, there and everywhere. Too often haters are flattered in appealing to their sympathetic side.When really they need to turn off their self elevating vitriol, that exists to advance themselves at the expense of someone else.

If this was one of those examples of pomposity about tax payers money BS. Then I'd say, they're plundering the mental wealth of others, leaving them to pick up the tab.

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