Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fecal Transfer

An experiment on 8 people and some mice repeated the way fecal transfer reveals something about the mechanics of body weight-and possibly our underlying bio-chemistry.
Material is taken from a donor, mixed with water, filtered and passed down a tube into the a way of restoring the balance of bacteria in the gut. It is thought to be successful in about 90% of cases.
Basically, four sets of twins-one fat, one slim-had their faeces put through the process. Matter from each was put into mice bred without gut bacteria of their own. The fat woman's microbes were put into slim mice and the slim woman's into fat ones. 

The fat mice lost weight and the slim ones gained it.

The usual-this could be a treatment for 'obesity'-talk ensues. That's cool, it's not to be sniffed at. It goes about weight change the right way, led by the body. It's the same process for loss as for gain is another pertinent trait. There's potential to be explored. One thinks also of implication for things like bowel cancer, said to be higher amongst fatter people.

This may be a way to deal with all cancers of the digestive system, whatever the weight of the person concerned.

The coda is as ever the holistic nature of weight. It's whole bodied and what has stopped weight from staying up or down-as required, is that any spanner in the works i.e. weight loss dieting/surgery, pills etc., has fallen at the same hurdle-homeostasis.

The body's designed to keep the circle of self regulation going along its own lines. Interrupt that and its just becomes something for it to throw off or overcome, sooner or later. If introducing differing strains of bacteria doesn't hitch a ride on that, then it will be susceptible to reverse.

In a way, the key is not so much to hijack metabolism, as to work with it and let it to get to the required destination. Another reason why this tedious pretense of disease is such an unnecessary obstacle to a clearer view. As I have always said, there's no doubt that weight can be changed and this gives some insight into that fact.

It also works, in theory, for the much forgotten, those who suffer and die because their weight will not allow them to hold on to life. Altering the gut bacteria could help them fight conditions that destroy appetite, like cancer.

The key in weight terms is whether this will be enough to bring fundamental long term change.

As usual, this is old news coming around again, so they need to get the hell on with it. It's important to say this, because we need to always keep in mind that this 30 + year campaign of fat hate has just been a way of keeping this sort of potential avenue at bay. To do nothing, whilst appearing not to. If this gives you the impression of waking up from a nightmare and starting more or less where you were before, then that's about right.

The question is why? Again, perhaps this helps to illustrate some suspicions. Do you see a role for Big Pharma in this? Or even much for the med profession? Possibly, but it's not like the usual rent back system they favour. Where they like your condition to remain whilst they sell you product to hold it at bay.

Perhaps that's a factor. 

Certainly, there's risk of it boding change. A new approach to well being, health and healing.

One that's forced to seek resolution, due to the very nature of biology. Amusingly, it's reminiscent of anti-biotics, like a precursor of them. Like the prequel coming out after the original film.

I've suspected this is part of the yearning for fat people not just to lose weight, but to lose it via the right channels i.e. calorie manipulation. The important thing about that, it its easier to parlay fatness into 'chronic disease'. Rather than just a contextual process that can signal anything; well-being, health, illness, or can just run onto being a problem with bulk.

No-one things of tallness as disease, but if a person didn't stop growing, its obvious that at some height, that becomes a problem. The issue is not being tall as such, more unchecked growth that does not stop, nor can be stopped.

It does not require someone who's 6ft to be defined as 'unhealthful' to illustrate the problems of gigantism or on the other end of the height spectrum, restricted growth. No one needs to be defined thus for these problems to be recognized. Nor to do proper scientific research. That's another agenda entirely.

Predicating research on people demeaning and dehumanizing themselves is disgusting and an intolerable abuse of power on the part of those demanding it.

The avoidance of the potential of real progress is shown by biological insights such as this. It also gives a lie to the suggestion that no useful research has been done in the past. It was obscured by the onslaught.

Because of this mess, weight has been purloined to fill in the self denuding morality play that is the post religious hangover. Hence this kind of thing, really pisses people off. Somehow, for them, it has come to be that unless fat people can be forced to be anorexic exercise bulimics....

The world will fall off its axis. 

It's even claimed that the mice only lost weight on a high fibre low fat diet and that fatty foods negate this effect. Forgive my wariness. The comments here got predictably ugly, spare yourself if you don't want to wade into the usual fat hating sewer of the entitled. It's as nasty as what's going on inside them.

It's important to know that this has nothing to do with fat people personally. We have no duty to try and counter it, putting across poor benighted fatty tropes, explaining how upsetting this all is. Appealing to pity.

This is some creepy arsed shit and way too personal to these people for that. Even if that's how you feel about being fat. We owe it to ourselves to leave them to get on with it and to stop allowing ourselves to be dragged into this mess. I'm more than guilty of that myself.

And when I say we, I don't mean fat people. I mean anyone who's had more than enough of this crap. Anyone who recognizes that no matter what they think/have been taught to think about "fat people" this is degrading and as worthless as hell.

Fat acceptance has put way too much pressure on fat people, making this derangement our responsibility. It is not, never has been, never should have been.

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