Saturday, 28 September 2013

Never Run, not Running

There's a fat hating riposte to, "Fat runs in his/her family". It goes along the lines of. "The trouble is, nobody in his/her family runs!!!" Tee hee, hee, pfft.

Ever noticed with the "fight or flight" response- little is said about the fight part? What would that look like? If flight's job is to run off, and presumably get help, it makes sense that fight's job would be to look imposing. From a distance.... look, immovable, difficult to get past, to put off any potentially liberty takers. You're following my drift.

It's not about pugilistic ability per se, more the psychological impact, weaken the mindset of the opposition. 

Whilst the runners go off and get re-enforcements. The 'fighters' have to put the enemy off, absorb some blows, keep guard, above all, they must survive.

And not run.........away.

So, perhaps the eternally bad jokers have a notion after all. Because I say this to you, fat people have not run away. From culpability, blame or responsibility.


Seeing weight as within one's personal ability to change is the hook for everyone. Whether thin anorexics or fat people. Though I never thought about it 'til relatively recently, that was the initial attraction for me. That I as a mere kid had the power to impose my will on events, to demonstrate I was capable of using agency to achieve. Instead of standing around uselessly, having to get instruction from adults, or so it felt at the time. 

That's at the heart of why many fatz and others continue to assert-my fault, that's the lever of control. If it isn't, what's to be done?

Fat people have always stepped up. Been out in the open with no shield or even a means to explain ourselves in ways that would fend off bullies. No fat person has ever personally told me, "It's my glands". We've spoken together about our trials, our fails. Our, what am I like with my falling off my diet or whatever. But never, it's a disease. It's an addiction.

And frankly, I've yet to here anyone ask for it. That was assumed because that's the kind of protection others demand. What people want is the "secret" to making what we were told work. The angle, the missing piece.......

Not a dodge. Not a gazebo made of dung to lounge in.

That's what those more favour by the establishment go in for. As an assertion of their ability to talk the most abject bollocks in plain sight and be supported by their puppet masters.

Well let 'em. Because all its brought them is jumping on fat people's backs, trying to drag us down. That's all their glory has brought them.

When any of us challenge the notion of fault in any way. We speak from the position of wholeheartedly asserting that it was our fault, over decades. We're way past having the right to say that without suspicion being cast by others from their citadels of the very thing they criticize in us.

We shown we aren't challenging that out of vanity or hubris, but out of the knowledge of our experience. If we can't meaningfully say this, I don't know who can really.

If it was "our fault" we'd be slim. Few tried harder than us with so very little.

As it is, I wouldn't really care if it was my fault. That's important to haters and they can rave on with their non arguments.

But I have to honour fat people because this is our lives and they, we matter.

We have always said; "Mea Culpa" "Mea Maxima Culpa". No one else. Not mater, pater, no one but us. We even felt guilty at the mere possibility of involving anyone else in our dieting ablutions and served our time in reluctant isolation, often in the midst of company.

That a reputation for the opposite has been imposed on us, is just another example of the way we've been used to project the deficiencies of other people's contrasting approach to their own issues.

Let's wait to see how long it takes for that penny to drop.

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