Thursday, 15 May 2014

Can we all now STOP conflating weight loss with weight loss dieting?

Ah ha, now a couple of white men- Kelly Brownell and Christopher Fairburn-have put their name to this;
"while to the general public dieting and weight loss remain conflated."
In other words, weight loss and weight loss dieting are not the same thing.  Can we all now STOP, conflating weight loss dieting with weight loss? Please, pretty please?

Weight loss dieting is supposed to be the route to sustained weight loss. It is not weight loss. It is a route to it. A method, okay?

Repeat, the collapsing of a form of weight loss as weight loss full stop, was a convenient fiction spread by the slimming industry. A convenient fiction is a falsehood we treat as truth because we feel the effect of believing it is useful in some way. i.e. If you behave well, you will be treated well and so on. 

The slimming racket wished to re-cast weight loss in the image of benighted sub-product; calorie restriction dieting in order to obscure its expensive, punitive ineffectiveness. Weight loss by the body itself is; unconscious, pain free, elegant and easeful. Identifying this as weight loss would be deeply demoralizing when under the cosh of the slimming grind. Better to see 'weight loss' as dieting, ugly, stupid, self abusive, crude and usually pretty futile. That way, you can overcome your mind working out that your course is not altogether sane.

And before you judge, we're told anorexia-when calorie restriction acquires a self-sustaining momentum-is a "mental illness". What's "madder" having schizophrenia or trying to?

Dieters jumped on board with this, seeing themselves as needing all the help they could get. And this spread and inexplicably became the law.

Let's all get over it, NOW. 

The reluctance of fat activists to grasp this has always been odd. Yes, it's an FA plinth that weight loss is bad, but that refers to weight loss dieting, in which case it is correct. It's also true that it, dieting, doesn't work. However, it simply is not true that weight can't be lost. Again, that is the conflation of WLD with weight loss.

We just haven't found the right route. And frankly, there is no valid argument against it. Breast reduction is already accepted and that has no more merit than high weight. If you agree with it, you already agree with the idea of weight reduction as a desirable end. Deal with yourself.

It's about time the 'obesity' cult's notable lack of interest in producing actual weight loss was continually confronted. No one interested in slimming people would focus any thing on dieting. As I said, when it was decided that was the key strategy, that was where fat acceptance started, continued weight gain was inevitable from that point.

Dieting is an oxymoron. If it was effective, it wouldn't need to exist.

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