Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Manuel Uribe

As you may have heard. Manuel Uribe died on Monday aged 48. He once had the distinction of being named "the world's heaviest man" weighing over 1,200 pounds.

He worked as a technician, repairing machinery and married twice, eventually losing a third of his bodyweight. He had heart trouble and was suspected of having a liver complaint though his exact cause of death has not been reported.

He was always quite big, but unremarkably so in childhood. He was reputed to have described the process of his outstanding gain as feeling like-something taking over his body. No quotes though.

I'm pretty sure that represented something going awry with the functioning of his body. It's funny, people often tell fat people what they're feeling-incorrectly. Yet when they're offered real information, to make a start with, they're just not interested.

I'm thinking especially of those who claim to be making a specific study of fatness. That he could hope to have had that seriously investigated by anyone was as likely as "obesity science" is to produce anything worthwhile any time soon for those with real problems.

The lack of interest in weight outliers like Uribe has always been a bit of mystery. When a condition is most pronouncd, its usually easiest to trace its course. To see what its about. The lack of interest speaks to a knowledge that someone like him hasn't got a whole lot to do with the average fat person and that might be shown up if closely investigated.

That would be even worse, they might find something out. They'd be a danger of having to follow the course of that, rather than the 'obesity' ideology, then where would that be?

So, like everyone of us, Uribe had to live as best he could with the cards dealt him. He seemed to do a lot better than some who claim with soulful depths that "Being fat sux."

Not as much as being at the top of the weight tree with no objective study to maintain and assert and uphold your humanity.Yet he did that through living his life nontheless.

Braindead 'obesity' drunk hacks will tell you his is a modern story of "morbid obesitay" blah, blah, blah. The real story here is of a primitive and debased response to social change/ identity crises. They are so much a part of this mess.

People like Uribe who are at the top of the weight tree are the ones who pay for the worthless "obesity" construct. And the deranged cultism surrounding it.

It does little for people like him, who clearly have something wrong with them. Yet harasses and seeks to sicken and disable those who do not.

Uribe and others like the woman who died when firemen claimed to be unable to get her out of a burning building and more recently, the 12 girl who experienced tremendous weight gain in the wake of the removal of a brain tumour are the ones most marginalized and dehumanized by the rejection of objectivity. 

That should be remembered more often.

Rest in peace SeƱor Uribe. 

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