Friday, 6 June 2014

Fatphobia is internalized

One of the many tiresome aspects of the fat acceptance movement, is it's own inherent fat phobia and privileging of slimz. Well actually, the denial of this and refusal to deal with it. Made easier by the virulence of fat haters in comparison, plus the endless cries of radicalism, which essentially has the same root.

Whatever slim people do or are sets the standard by which everything must be judged. There's no such thing as a slim people's mindless, stupid, hysteria and wickedness for the pleasure of it, naw, its, excuses, excuses.

 Let's call it learned fat phobia if that helps spare feelings.

It's like the misogyny of women. Which is there in feminism too, having been brutally exposed by race, class as well as fatness. 

I honestly didn't know this self-knowledge could be in any way insulting.

In the past, activists for real civil rights grasped that having grown up in a racist/sexist etc., society nay world they two would be replete with internalized racism/sexism etc., It's virtually unavoidable. These systems of control are powerful as much because we end up carrying them out on and through ourselves, our bodies and minds become part of the process.

Surely that's obvious?

There's a beautiful miracle in the sunshine of a deep sense of our humanity peaking through the cracks. That never completely dies at any one time. It hurts to be mistreated, the pain is internal comparison with that sense of ones humanity being threatened.

Without that deep sense, what would there be in us to generate that hurt?

So, you must dismantle your own learned prejudice and hatred of yourself, with the same mind that contains it. That can be like dancing on the head of a pin.

The impossibility of it means it happens in stages.  In waves of consciousness. You have to leave where you are now, to progress, or even know there's any progression to make.

At some point, people stopped knowing this. The moment they declare themselves, an activist, they imagine they're more or less over all that and are the experts in teaching others to divest themselves of fat hate  and "thin privilege" as imagine they have.

They haven't, certainly I haven't, and I find myself champing at the unseen contempt with which fat activists see themselves as a fat people and others. To the extent that it alienates. You actually have to be quite fat phobic and slim privileging to get along with fat activists.

I know credibility resides within people, so to be fair do slimz, it's only fat activists who insist it lays elsewhere in slimz, the real people. Fat acceptance is "insular" yet it can barely maintain a workable relationship with any Black fat activist.

Well, before you get to race, they're fat. Real Black people are slim. Only slim people are real, fat people are somehow not. Despite the fact that in this state, we've already changed the discourse on weight. We're forced to as we are still excluded from the heart of it.

All this despite repeatedly claiming said prejudice is deeply ingrained. The use of the word society needs to be checked, too often it functions as disembodied from us all.

We are all society.

It's obvious that no-one  would anyone avoid being formed by such an overwhelmingly unquestioned frame of which there is no alternative. Fat phobia isn't an opinion, it's the opinion. Many genuinely intelligent and humane people simply don't get anything else. Like dog whistle, they can hear nothing else. And they assume something must be right about fat phobia. They truly believe that, despite having absolutely no trouble whatsoever believing there's not one thing right about fat people.

Too many fat activists presume something must be right about whatever slim people invest in too. They certainly don't believe that about fat people though.

HAES is just the absence of obesity [construct] related self harm.

It's like having been persuaded to bang your head against a wall, for your moral health. Then discovering; NBYHAES-not banging your head at every size means whatever your problem, you do no harm. Because that was and still is not the rule applied to fat people.

When I've raised this, people thought I was insulting them.

Rather like a recent conversation where Virgie Tovar was accused of believing what she was noting and analyzing.

It's a loss of ability to tell the difference between a message being relayed and being given as a personal opinion. Why now, in such divergent views? As ever I suspect its commerce and the way branding gives people a sense that they've mastered whole narratives instantly through a brand name, blurb and a few slogans.

I daresay someone's investigating how much this has influenced our current intellectual rationale.

The feeling that I am personally insulting by making this observation confirms my points about fat phobia and the automatic privileging of slimz. It's de rigueur to excuse the brainwashing of everyone else into fat phobia. That its not any kind of choice, like you choose a religion. Even if you're born into it, at some point people become responsible for their faith.

Yet the moment I point out, that we've all learned the same and not as lacking in fat phobia as we might assume.....that the real difference is wishing to depart the fat phobic narrative, not the absence of it, this becomes a direct accusation of you deliberately and cynically deciding to be a fat phobe.

It takes a fat person to be assumed to be what others are, for the truth to be clearly perceived by fat activists. It used to be in vino veritas, now it's, in fat-the truth.

Yes, repression is this kind of humiliation. Its far more about feelings of being duped into colluding in your own undoing, of feeling owned, than it is a social powerplay or identity.

I guess the former is not how it can seem from the outside though, so its a bit angry-making for the unwary. 

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