Sunday, 8 June 2014

Not a golden age of stoicism-thank goodness

Had to chuckle. Researchers are touting the prospect of a fat wasting jab (don't mind the idiot headline) containing a hormone called irisin. This supposedly has the capacity to convert white adipose cells/tissue into brown adipose.

Brown adipose wastes rather than stores energy like white stuff. Whether this is "jab" is likely to happen any time soon, isn't really in question. As predictably, it has pissed off your common or garden hare-brained fat hating too. Who doesn't have the presence of mind to attempt some half arsed concern trolling.

One even forgot themselves enough to declare;
No; enough of this research and trials. Tell them to exercise, this is so silly.
Yeah, let's crawl back to the good old Stone Age you intellectual void. The prospect of better treatment for diabetes, PCOS and other metabolic travails is such a joke, scientific progress, stupid ain't it? Urgh. 

I knew these wing nuts were regressive hate fuelled dolts who want human progress to stop. They want everything to be a reflection of their own tainted souls. 

Even from my dieting days, there's not and never has been any reason for weight loss to not be effective, efficient, available to anyone that wants it and to be pain/discomfort free. That's no more immoral than learning eating competence or to defend, nurture or restore you're instincts to move.

Even if it was, the fact that it upsets the right people would decide it for me anyway. Fuggem. That they would rather stop progress for even those suffering through what they'd agree is no fault of their own, to keep hating, makes them lower than dirt.

Most of these jokers would struggle to make their ahem 'argument' against everything from the equine strength pain pills for headaches, to the convenience of "psyche meds" being thrown around save the ardous effort of changing the way you think/feel/react.

And no, that's not rude/ ableist of me. That's CBT.

Nor do I personally object to how others choose to manage their mental health. Just, when there's preaching to fat people about gritting their teeth-where it would make little difference, when others can't be arsed to do shit, that's a conversation they need to be having with themselves. So, rumbled.

Certainly, if any of these dimwit arseholes dared to suggest anyone should be kept from mind alteration on the basis of mild aches and pains, they'd be quite a backlash. The privileging of slimz and all that.

Few in western model countries can lecture fat people about stoicism with expecting to put up with the most minimal discomfort went out with the ark for them. They probably only fetishize it in "fitness" precisely because they've squeezed out elsewhere. It's like one of those rough adventure holidays middle class people go on.

Well for a lot of fat people, continuous mental, physical, social, spiritual and psychological discomfort is their life. People not knowing about that for so long, was fat people grinning and bearing it. Take a look at the good that did.

That's why you truly won't find me gainsaying folks feeling entitled to relief for their own discomfort. My concerns lie elsewhere.

One person recently wrote. He, "Didn't believe in any unnecessary pain."Aww, that's precious. Certainly these shut it. Thin privilege doesn't make people invisible. We can see you!!!

There is nothing moral about trying and failing to impersonate a starvation disorder, nothing. It's actually a disgusting waste of people's effort, time, lives and yes, health. The whole 'obesity' crusade has been a degenerate exercise in thought regression that has generated nothing of any value from the professionals. And this kind response is exactly the kind of degeneracy it promotes.

Its clear the pro-ana approach is about satisfying the deranged emotional needs of these messed up muppets. Well, they've been hoist with their own hard, there's nowhere left to go with their imposing their cravings. Unless they want to make being fat illegal and lock people up for it. I know many hypocrites who'd love that.

They'll pop a few synthetic opiates for any conscience pangs no doubt. 

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