Thursday, 26 June 2014

Reality Bites

Imitation is no substitute.

Susan Jebb says something revealing;
She said: "If you think of obesity as a chronic relapsing condition, you could say well maybe every five years you have to diet for 12 weeks – I'm not sure that feels so untenable a position when you think of what we ask people with other chronic diseases to do, whether they are injecting insulin multiple times a day to control their diabetes or whatever. Say, every five years you have to have a really concerted effort to lose 5% of your bodyweight.
We don't, because it isn't. And what "we" ask of people with actual disease is to save their own lives in ways that can often be felt by them meaningfully.

A lot of what the whole crusade has been about as been establishing this pretense-that fatness is disease. That has failed because it isn't. Yes you can use society to enforce people into a state of undermined mental, psychological and yes, physical health, especially with the person mirroring that internally. You can create a permanent state of unwellbeing. However, trust me, the body ultimately sees through that.

It's like being brought up with religion. If you're inclined towards atheism and don't know it, you can honestly absorb what's around you, eventually your truth will surface. Once it has, the hold on faith is loosened. Fat people went along with this fantasy, unwittingly and increasingly otherwise. Yet, no matter how much you dramatize fatness. No one believes it. That extent of effort alone undoes it.

Certainly not those who went ape over the idea of a 25stone man using disability legislation as his only means of fighting job discrimination. Few can think of when they know it isn't true. Even when such hugely overheated pretense as been achieved, it can't substitute for real illness. I know some killers aren't felt, however reversing that does not a strategy make.

Not a good health one anyway. 

It just should never have been a technique in the first place. It's vindictiveness should be obvious by now. You cannot pretend to be like a type 1/type 2 injecting diabetic etc., because as they say, reality bites.

What gives most pause is the suggestion that when you have a (real) disease, other people somehow own you. Clearly, that's more about 'obesity' and its artificial stigma "denormalization" and embarrassing fakery. But still, the implication is revealled.

A lot of people struggle with disease and the only thing that keeps them following instructions is that real diseases cause agony, pain and real death. Sometimes you can touch it. Slipping close to or into a few diabetic comas or collapsing with a serious asthma attack, could keep anyone complaint with even quite extraordinary demands. 

You simply cannot fake that, no matter how hard you try. That circle has never squared and trying adds harm, violating (medical) ethics. The continued  wishful thinking around this re: 'obesity' is pi-ti-ful.

Susan Jebb, doesn't have to care about any reality or nuance over in her freely chosen remove, because the failure of her silly hypotheses are always the "fault" of the unfortunates unluckily bestowed. Never hers. Never.

Has she or her ilk "confessed" yet to being wrong about weight loss dieting and apologized to fat people? Do people like this ever just stand up and acknowledge their errors or say sorry, we made an error? We did you wrong? Like virtually every fat person spent their lives doing? Apart from a few noble exceptions, both male nuh.

Don't worry, I never expected them to take even a little bit of what they've given.

No, if quangoistas like this Jebb person wish to give forth with any more tipsy hypotheses, back them up with reasonably scaled trials.

Just for once, do the bloody work first.

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