Monday, 23 June 2014

Necessity Equals Anatomy

The notion that eating is a purely elective act of thought. Like deciding on the colour of your walls, picking out a pair of shoes or deciding whether you hoik your pinkie up in the air when you drink from a dinky cup-or not, is inherently bogus. I'll say it for the eleventy hundred time: Eating is vital bodily function. 

It is required for existence. That this needs to be said, that this can even seem like it's up for any debate sounds the cuckoo 'obesity' cult is as much a cover for worship of anorexia as anything else. [Well, would you openly admit that you feel that way?]

In this climate, this fact is willfully misunderstood. It's not supposed to be defensive. Its merely pointing out that vital functions have to be a part of you:

Conflations of fatness with; smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, are unworthy of response. Alas fat phobia and the privileging of it requires me to patronize you with the obvious, none of these are required for existence. Therefore, they have no anatomy dedicated only to signalling the need for and satisfaction of said habits. The unnecessary can only adapt what is there for other purposes, or "hi-jack" parts-as some have liked to claim about what needs to jack nothing to exist.

First these habits have to be acquired by use, then signalling occurs only through things put there for other purposes.

It's a tribute to the disembodying and dehumanizing effects of the 'obesity' branding that it numbs minds into overlooking fat bodies are people. Though the human body like others is essentially a biochemical melange. We do not normally see ourselves in those terms substances. Our minds would usually balk at comparing people with cigarettes or bottles of scotch.

The ramifications of necessity = anatomy carry on. Suppression of the urge, instinct or signally of necessary function, will create pathology at some point. Especially mindless suppression of  for example, the sexual urge, tends to produce sexual and/or psycho-pathology, ditto sexuality, of movement, of breathing and of eating.

This is not necessarily to do with sexuality or even the desire to vary the amount, frequency and/or strength of signalling. But suppression without thought to how the nervous system functions.  Vital signalling for things like eating, sleeping etc., act rhythmically, in some kind of harmony with each other. Arrhythmia in one tends to have a knock on effect and spread to another or others. It depends on your overall make up.

A lot of people don't realize the supposed flexibility in (genuinely) addictive substances, is in their lack of necessity. The hope that addiction craving will abate and/or cease if the substance is no longer taken, is not based on willpower, but the absence of any intrinsic anatomical basis for said substance. The "willpower" is in getting to that point. If you're body recovers. It's essentially depriving the body of the causal agent, in the hope that it can heal itself.

And note, even that is hardly foolproof. How much less something that has no potential end like hunger/appetite signalling? 

Suppressing the urge to eat whether that's deemed 'over' or not, isn't the same prospect. It requires different and more subtle techniques that basically aim to restore balance, rather than end anything. You could not end that, without ending a part of yourself.

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