Wednesday, 12 August 2015

You hopeless addict you

Well wouldn't you know. After years, of slowly being forced to get off the anorexia/'obesity' train, 'obesity' cultists are going with this angle. We're still disease, sick, unsane objects with nothing to say nor sentience to consult, but, wait for it, we're hopeless addicts who can't help it! Good-o, that's a step up socially isn't it? Everyone with an acceptable body wants to be addicted to something, so, we must be jonesing for that too right?

Altogether with your fake pity, awwwwwww.

Here's why Monbiot et al are sticking with the 'obesity' spiel,
The crucial task is to reach children before they succumb to this addiction. As well as help and advice for parents, this surely requires a major change in what scientists call “the obesogenic environment” (high energy foods and drinks and the advertising and packaging that reinforces their attraction). Unless children are steered away from overeating from the beginning, they are likely to be trapped for life.
Yep, it's all about the control, in this case of big business via what folks think can be turned into the softest target, the food industry. Getting your own way, not through persuasion, you feel your ideas are that attractive. But via stealth, through unguarded borders [so topical.]

Whether its greens/leftists or whatever he is like GM who wish to use fat people as a pathway to checking capitalism/big biz, or rightists like those he critiques. David Cameron and his mate Dame Carol Black, who wish to use fat people as a way of forcing people into the kind of punitiveness, rightists find so emotionally satisfying, no matter how costly, self defeating and oh erm, immoral it is.

Monbiot's whole farticle is as pitiful as to be expected, but even he excels himself for sheer pissweak attempts at unfelt "sympathy". Read the whole thing as its a study in it, but I think this takes the yam (no cake) for sheer bottom feeding cringe worthiness,
It causes a range of hideous conditions, just one of which – diabetes – accounts for one sixth of NHS admissions and 10% of its budget. In what looking-glass world is this acceptable? If smoking demands fierce intervention, why not overeating?
Hideous I tell thee! Worse even than wearing last season's three-quarter length trews!!!! The answer to the emphasized question is of course, when folks of your kith and kin want to get their own way. I said 'obesity' wallahs are happy for you to sicken and die as long as you're happy to accept this is okay. People can see it, but there's a step between seeing and believing.

That includes fat activists, singing about social justice, but saying little about being openly told either you diet or you die. The unacceptability of that does not hang on the 'healthiness' or otherwise of fatness. The PTB don't do it out of hate, it's how they roll, how else are they going to get you to do their bidding without these shenanigans?

No-one should be told, you are ill, and are dying and that's okay, unless you can do only this (useless), punitive thing. Think of the subliminal message. It's never been acceptable and that it goes largely unchallenged has in itself degraded fat people and encouraged an abusive attitude towards us. That it is said at all is reflective of such also.

Neither of course is a fuck you, prevention only any better, that's primitive in its barbarism. How can you value or respect anyone who its openly acceptable to give up on? I say openly, as that has always been implicit.

Do some of you now see why "sympathy" is hogwash? Isn't this crapulence (simulating) "sympathetic"? I've always hated this assertion that what I used to call "professional sympathy" is some kind of panacea for anything.What is required is fat people to value ourselves and truth. Fact, objective testable understanding of how our bodies work, or science as we still manage to call it.

I hope some of you sentimentalists are seeing that there's nothing more sympathetic than a desire to understand, genuine science is deemed progressive largely for that reason.

But even that is not going to come without direct intervention from those who desire or are capable of it. 

Therein contains a serious point though. The [prospective] ill health of fat people is being used as a lever for others to get their own [political/social] way. In the case of the right, it's undermining consent/ imposing punitive no strictures, no matter how useless or pointless. That satisfies something deep within them.

No wonder there's been such extraordinary apathy on the part of dealing with most things deemed "obesity associated." Usually, if there's a problem associated with any issue, genuine suggestions of how to deal with them flow.

Years before fatsphere, I expected there to be 'obesity' physiotherapy to come into being at any second, that's why I virtually had a thoughtgasm, when I heard of HAES. That was what amateurs [and truly humane professionals] created in lieu of being left for their bodies to go where they may. Time after time, I've stumbled over ways of dealing with things 'associated' with fatness, that obviously occur in slim people, where there are ideas and advice available, that are rarely heard in context of 'obesity.'  It's all, point out how fat people are doomed, stand back willing it to happen.

I said myself, that if I hadn't searched for alternative ways to restore some well being, I'd never have stumbled over a way to quell a rampaging hunger disorder, one very much provoked by calorie restriction.

Suffice to say, fatness is not diseasiness. Weight, no matter what, is an outcome of metabolic function and no doubt can be adjusted, altered at some point there. And yes, calorie restriction is useless for everybody in the end. The issue here is not that it's impossible to change weight properly and permanently, but that the wrong target is being used to alter it. That's way too simple for all this nonsense to carry on.

Now we can see the determination to be wrong is really about continuing to make use of fat people as a means to an end, rather our health and what can be stolen from it.

The only way round this is for fat people to get involved in the area of metabolic function and weight. And literally elbow out this mentality for good. I go back to what I said at the beginning of my fatsphere sojourn-These people (obesity wallahs) are not going to stop themselves, they have to be stopped.

Even I didn't know how quite how right that was and why. 

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