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Fat people must starve, themselves

Seems that bulimia device, Aspire Assist is out there. And-how could I have missed this-the most popular post on this blog is "Proto-anorexia, my mandated aspiration" and this assists it! ¿Qué pasa?

Now you may be aware that there's a belief among some FA's that the 'obesity' crusade is eliminationist toward [against?!] fat people,
Eliminationism is the belief that one's political opponents are "a cancer on the body politic that must be excised — either by separation from the public at large, through censorship or by outright extermination — in order to protect the purity of the nation".
This term is one that has passed me by, so I've no depth of grasp beyond what I've just copied. My impression is said definition seems to fuse a whole lot of things that don't really belong together- in terms of their seriousness. Not saying it's a bad definition, so much as its putting together things that don't usefully go together.

The most obvious thing it calls to (my) mind is genocide. But seeking to suppress political opposition, doesn't belong with that in any useful way that I can see. The latter is too interesting a phenomena to be overshadowed by the horror of seeking to wipe out a whole group of racial, cultural and/or social group-that has too much gravity.

In the context of fat people the point goes something like, because fat people are whole people, like anyone else and not slim people wearing fat suits, wanting us to "lose weight" is a desire to eliminate us.

We are whole becomes we are only in existence because we are fat. I differ in that I've said from the beginning that I neither believe I had or have to be slim or FAT.

I am what I am, and the weight I am is neither here nor there. That would find different expression if I had been thinner. Ditto, if I'd been born 20 years earlier/later than I had been. I don't accept the idea that a slimmed down fat person ceases to be, anymore than a fattened slim person [there are some] becomes a non-entity.

That must be how slim people feel! I didn't get that up to this point. I've been wondering for years, "Why/how do they manage to take being slim this seriously?" Now, perhaps I know! *

Fat people, we are best off out of that mess though.

Weight doesn't define your being, its an expression of the interplay between your own personal physiology and your own specific history. If the latter had been different, it's entirely possible that you or I or anyone could have been slim or even thin and been unable to imagine yourself fat/ter.

That isn't true of all fat people, nor all slim/mer people, but it is probably true of the overwhelming majority of people, given that number fits within a BMI of between 20-40, most between 20-35.

Though that seems like a lot of difference to us consciously, metabolically, I don't feel it is. That points to flexibility rather than a set point. We don't need a particular set point, because unless multiple things are interrupted, we don't differ much in range. The efficiency of our self regulation may make it seem as though we are destined to be the weight we are. Our bodies do an incredible job of self maintenance.

What we call fat and slim are actually not that far away from each other as we think they are. I've said time and again, I do not feel distinct from slim people, it is they who wish to set themselves apart from fat/ter people.

When we stumble on a way or ways to reverse/advance weight properly-with ease and efficiency-doing as the body does now, all but a few could probably fit within an even narrower space that than. There's nothing sacred about weight. If there seems to be, that is a contrivance of the refusal to pursue real ways of altering weight.

Proper contraception cuts unplanned births drastically, regardless of overall fertility. Popping out infants is not integral to being female, is it?

If there's any eliminationism, its not in "weight loss", its in the insistence on starving fatness/fat people über alles. Diet or die is eliminationist through an element of a Tuskegee Syphillis experiment. They told those men they were getting a 'cure', when they were pretending, because they wanted to see how this syphillis thing would pan out on socially devalued bodies.

Our much touted and may I say too often yearned for deaths-just to motivate us of course, not out of any wickedness-would be incidental, not the aim.

As I'm sure we know, weight loss and weight loss dieting are not the same thing. That is not tricksy or glib, its quite crucial. I've always said 'obesity' wallahs are not motivated to eliminate fat people via calorie restriction induced weight loss [CRIWL], than they are starving fat people or getting us to starve ourselves, whether that makes us slim or not.

It's bound up with the sanctification of 'fasting' and repressed fears about our rampant consumerism.

The hegemony of disinterest in the abject and obvious failure of CRIWL is key to what clued me in years ago. If the crusade was about making everyone slim, it'd be concerned with the science of how to achieve that, like any other field. Its fixation on the irrelevance of weight categorization and food/eating betrays another urge.

See the response to this bulimia device. It should be, whoopa-de-doo, fewer fat people ahoy, after all, they butcher, mutilate and mal-nourish fat people happily, yet,
nutritionist Keith Ayoob at Albert Einstein College of Medicine tells ABC News. And as horrifying as it is, "it was only a matter of time before someone came up with" a machine that lets them "just eat and make the calories go away." The only healthy way to lose weight is to change your eating and lifestyle habits, but "once you put this in someone, they're never going to want it taken out."
Yeah, only a matter of time before your act started to wear thin, oh get me. And waitaminute, he's worried about mal-nutrition? Hasn't he heard of stomach removal? How prissy of this little prig to get offended by people emptying the contents of their stomachs into the toilet but not about mutilation. Him and his 'obesity' industry have set a trap for fat people. Four walls, body dysmorphic self  identification [the obese construct], social dis-ease [harassment/stigmatization], calories in/calories out and anorexia-by-proxy [enforced fasting].

Ayoob mentions everything that should and could be said constantly about gastric bypass surgery. Why now? One reason and one reason only. It threatens to circumvent the fourth wall of the trap, enforced STARVATION. Specifically, a fat person must be seen to be freely enforcing starvation on themselves-that's why the most wing nut fat phobes hate stomach removal, despite it giving them what they want-fat people deprived and often in pain.

That my friends is the only objection to this wretched device, by 'obesity' wallahs, who do not care if their own prognosis about 'obesity' =fat people die if they can't diet. It's a highly indulgent emotive response, born of the continual lack of challenge they meet.

All that guff about "changing your lifestyle habits " is just cover for saying, the sinner has not paid their penitence, [we're all doomed!!!!!]

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