Friday, 17 July 2015

Excuses, excuses.........

I used to think an excuse was simply an attempt to justify bad behaviour. So the dissonance of being told things along the theme of; "Fat people always have excuses" never goes. When it comes to being fat,  I don't see there being anything to excuse.

Like virtually all fat people, when I assumed I had something to excuse, I didn't. I said continuously, to myself and anyone who would listen, "Mea Culpa." I am to blame. Now I know that was incorrect, there's nothing to mitigate, nothing to defend. The accusation is myth and nonsense.

What I notice to this day is people accept remaining in the position of having something to excuse. FA just seems to mean, better, more scienterrific "excuses."

Those who like Maria Kang demand "What's your excuse....?" sound exactly like things that have been demanded of me often-as someone brought up by Xtians, best embodied by the assertive entreaty,
What is your excuse for not accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour?
Erm, I'm an atheist. 
They know this, but they sort of don't believe me. Well, it's not so much they disbelieve me, as they reject the concept of being outside their frame of reference. You're either with JC or the Devil- for something else, doesn't scan.

The trouble with either viewing yourself or allowing yourself to be cast purely as "anti the obesity crusade" is, you remain imprisoned within its terms, ones which do not allow for your sentience, whilst addressing it directly of course.

Clashing with that isn't enough to define you properly.

Better to stand for what you stand for.

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