Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Low chance of permanent weight reversal with calorie restriction induced weight loss [CRIWL]

That should be the headline, not quite as snappy though. Fat people have been pointing this out for lifetimes. It has been observable for aeons too.
The chance of an obese person attaining normal body weight is 1 in 210 for men and 1 in 124 for women, increasing to 1 in 1,290 for men and 1 in 677 for women with severe obesity,
Don't assume this admission is permanent, they'd have to drop the whole mess, that cals in/out is the end, that weight categorization has any scientific use, et. al.

The white coat mafia has known ddw for decades but chose instead to assert the delusion that if the collective unconscious insists, dieting works, this will become reality.

Nor is "losing weight impossible" as the DM headline has fatuously claimed. This is solely about the failure of Calorie restriction dieting, it is specific to that. CRIWL has a low probability of success, regardless of your weight. CRD is only ONE (purported) route to weight loss, it isn't weight loss.

Weight loss is the aim, the end product, the category. It is not interchangeable with calorie restriction dieting.



Spot the difference? The former is a [supposed] way of achieving the latter.

Weight loss happens everyday, as part of your body's cycle of self regulation, or homeostasis. 

I can hardly think of any slim person I know who has dieted a few times and stayed at a lowered weight without being permanently on a diet. I know of none who can stick permanently on a diet. I know of none who do not serially rebound, if given long enough.

Why do you think you've seen all those lose 7lbs for the bikini season, lose 5lbs for that special event, LBD diet, get into your size 10 jeans diet etc., your whole life?

Diet's don't work for anybody. It is a matter of physiology, not will, or body size. Turning this universal fact of physiology into a fat thing, creates ignorance. The next stage in this continuing idiocy is to claim a brand new emphasis on "prevention."

Do you still accept anything these jokers say on face value?

One of the first times I accidentally butted heads in the fatsphere-by that I mean said something I thought was relatively obvious and got unexpected blowback-was when I told shapely prose years ago that the 'obesity' crusade has always been aimed at slim people. Middle/upper class white ones to be precise, otherwise known as "the worried well."

Now, whatever you think of that, come to think of that, you must admit its a little odd that what has always been is now presented as brand new. Indeed, I said before that this was what I found so unnerving about that Daniel Callahan offering, apart from its phoned-in fat phobia, "It’s time to approach our public health crisis with an edgier strategy." said he. The same 'obesity' crusade presented as new. Notice how they did the same to fat people. When we started to wake up, it became, we need to start shaming fat people. I mean whurrt?!

Think about all these so called 'obesity' papers and 'studies' that are of little to no earthly use to fat people, but instead prop up its sagging tropes. When there was another more recent tranche of studies stating the obvious, fat people's health varies as much as anyone's. There were "studies" insisting that  in 20 years time, fat people will display signs they deem associated with health problems. Despite association not panning out automatically as [real] ill health.

Restriction/starvation is hardly going to 'prevent' anything your body isn't 'preventing' itself. What it will do is what it is doing, increase those discovering they have a propensity for eating disorders.

Using CRIWL as the means for weight loss means anybody of any weight who wishes to lose weight will have to travel that same route. And that happens to be the primary provocateur of every eating/hunger disorder so far known.

This idea that if you starve yourself when you put on a few pounds, you can stem or prevent weight gain and remain slim, for example, depends on your on how your body responds to that.

Fasting did not stem my weight, my body did not respond in that manner. But if 'obesity' wallahs think differently, let them for once show it in trials. So people know exactly what to expect and what's expected of them.

There's a real conceptual difficulty for those who've involved themselves in 'obesity' and they seem obsessed with starvation. Someone has to be a vehicle for that urge, if not fat people then slim.

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