Wednesday, 15 July 2015

This is someone who's paid for the indulgence of diet or DEATH

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Carl Thompson died in June of this year. He was 33. His was a life that fitted into the modern campaign for dubious hysteria about fat, with room to spare. He lived and died without a crusade that purports to be about 'obesity', being able to do a goddamned thing to prevent his untimely end.

He died of a so far unnamed cause, though he'd previously had many heart attacks. His body brought low by a recent tranche of ferocious weight gain. In 2012 his beloved mother, who was his rock, died of a BRAIN TUMOUR. Grief disturbed his system even more provoking a doubling of his weight from a previous 30sts/420lbs/190.5 kgs to 65sts/910lbs/412.7 kgs in only three years.  

There's little doubt in my mind that his health was the product of some kind of congenital brain problem, though as far as I can tell UNDIAGNOSED. He also seemed to have some level of intellectual disability. Again note, his mother's death raises the prospect of heredity. Perhaps Carl's problem was in a different place, affecting different functions.

I don't know if they did an autopsy, but if they did, no doubt they'd be looking at the fat around his organs. If I was a pathologist, I'd make straight for the centre of his brain. Check his hypothalamus, see what shape it was in. Probably other glands in the body too, i.e. his adrenal glands.

He said he'd become aware of his raging hyperhunger at the age of THREE years old. Driven to raid neighbours fridges to find food to eat, he was discovered in the process.
He would sneak downstairs at night and raid the kitchen cupboards in his childhood home in Lydden. “I was only about three or four and no one knew why I did it,” he told local media. “I would just eat anything out of the cupboards.”
That my friends is textbook hyperphagia.You can tell from the sense of bafflement in his description, that it had nothing to do with his conscious will. It was a faulty excess, hypersensitized hunger drive and signalling. Along with some kind of overactive storage of fat.

That I have to say this is tribute to how dumbed-down calories in/out + fat phobia has made minds. It's so blatantly obvious there's more going on in cases like this and thankfully more people are beginning to catch on. Despite this being beyond the reach of some 'obesity' quacks.

Joel Snape, for example, editor of a fitness magazine no less! That article was published in the Telegraph newspaper a sort of grown up more sober brother of the daily mail. Yet Snape writes for lib/ left bastion the guardian.

They're still pushing weight loss dieting as if it was invented last year.

Can you believe people would stoop to spouting who let him eat, on the taxpayer? Well yes, I'll bet you can.

Who let his hunger stay that way despite millions being thrown into 'obesity'? This so called discipline has produced nothing for people like Carl, over a century.

At the time, of his first childhood awareness of his hyperhunger, he was no more than a usual plump child going on to thin out as children do after the toddling stage becomes walking.

It wasn't till towards his teens that he became fat. It made no effective difference.

That's worth dwelling on a bit.

He could have been diagnosed early and treated but, he wasn't fat. When he became fat-which is most routinely associated with excess hunger. He wasn't diagnosed then either. 

Repeat, the 'obesity' construct means fat people can neither be healthy nor unhealthy, despite all cries of the latter. Our ill health is often dismissed as is our HEALTH.

That's an adequate summation of the usefulness of the 'obesity' crusade. And why it simply cannot be about making people slimmer or healthier, no matter what we're told.

It seeks to harass and disturb those without problems and has NOTHING for those that do.

The question the media should be asking is who "allowed" this wretched 'obesity' industry, a largely irrelevant self perpetuating entity.

Colluding with its open promotion of diet or death? Do some joined up thinking about where that will end for people like Carl through no fault of their own.

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