Friday, 13 November 2015

Maximum Weight

Every now and again (well, actually all the time) certain unexpected anomalies are thrown up in the miasma of lies flying around fat 'n' slim wishful thinking.

I cannot pretend to speak for fat people in general, but I'm wondering how many fat people have a maximum weight. If that doesn't ring a bell, I'm referring to the way many slim people have some kind of weight limit above which they will reign their body's in via restriction, anything from outright (usually brief) fasting to cutting out certain food items for a little bit.

The reason I and I suspect many other head scratching fatties missed out on this joy is a side effect of our 'obese' role. This you may recall requires us to "admit/confess" we are failing to be slim-in order to change,  BAHUUUUTTTTTTT at the same time, demands we reject our weight as well, sort of unaccept it. Hence fa(c)t acceptance.

Oh my. Fat Acceptance =Fact acceptance, lmao.

 It's true though.

Only recently did the realisation of this difference kick in.

Some FA's may find this a bit unsavoury,  but I have wondered how many people would/could have stemmed or slowed an upward drift by employing this strategic defense of the status quo. I could only guess at how much this could have arrested any gain. I had a hunger disorder that was worsened by most aspects of living the 'obesity' canard lifepath. The one that ends with the removal of your stomach possibly along with some other weight loss dieting induced "obesity related disorder."

But I do know that at every point I found fasting piss easy in comparison with weight loss dieting. Number one, I was always "fasting" because my level of hunger was quite bestial and I was permanently trying to fight this. So I was spending a lot of time being hungry in this ferocious blizzard of urge overkill. 

This constant advance and reversal shows the failure of calorie restriction in slim people-or they'd be going backwards, not back and forth and back again. The bitterness of it informs their anger towards fat people and their game of zig-zag forms a lot of the basis of their model of how it is with fat people.

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