Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Hand In Glove

"Overweight haters Ltd" are the product of 'obesity' lies

Here's something we can all pretend not to have noted;
The cost to the NHS of obesity is estimated to be £5.1bn annually, and treating diabetes accounts for about 10% of its entire budget.
[Dr] Sarah Wollaston.
Our organisation hates and resents fat people. We disapprove of your wasting NHS money to treat your selfish greed.
Overweight haters Ltd.

Very limited indeed.

The original and primary "shitlords"

According to the latter report, the name for a person who doesn't accept the existence of fat people is a "shitlord". I'm no expert on that matter, but colour me dubious, I always thought it a term more general than specific. Either way, if we accept that posit, Dr Sarah Wollaston, her profession and too many who've donned the cloak of "obesity science/research" are the primary SHITLORDS.

Now a cursory mention ought to be given to the extreme reluctance of any quarter, led by the FAM to accept the patently obvious fact that this whole 'obesity' fandango was invented, contrived, led, disseminated and propped up by said "obesity science" persons, including "nutrition researchers" and the sainted MEDICAL PROFESSION.

The unhinged rage that is the regular default when talking about 'obesity', the boundary violated aggression COMES. FROM. THE MEDICAL PROFESSION. They used their office their kudos, the deep trust invested in them-remember we trust them with our lives- to ballast the absolute onslaught of bullshit that is the ticking timebomb of the 'obese' construct.

Pseudo-science and medicalization lies have set fat hate as the standard, not bigots

The latter have deliberately been given their head by the former. So the former can sit back and pretend to be decent in comparison. 

There's always been prejudice against fatness. As we frequently hear, everyone gets teased about something. The point is, no matter how unhinged fat haters could be in the past, they could be backed down. They had reason.

When a targeted fat person was short for a response a slim person might well step in and provide one and the hater would back off, even if in a huff. Just like when someone else is being abused about something close to home, you step in and defend them, because you don't have the emotional vulnerability.

What took that away was the medical profession's consistent decades long promotion of 'obese'. Fat haters became like a runaway train. Medical promotion of fat hating took away their reason, it smashed their internal sense of decency about the matter.

That along especially with the dehumanization of fat people has meant these people have lost any internal cues to control themselves. Even if I hate your guts, your humanity will control me at some point. Everyone has lost that with 'obese', the most receptive to mindless hate most of all. The best example the comes to mind is the sense of legitimacy and ballast homophobes get from Leviticus.

Everyone knows that is bullshit, in their hearts, they know it is bullshit, but the investment of sanctity in the Bible means they can cling to fathoms of bigotry, way beyond having to stand alone with their abstracted hate.

Not to mention, pseudo-science's perverted premise means everyone's vantage point is rooted in being a "shitlord" troll and arsehole, the 'obese' construct leaves you no other option. No it doesn't just refer to your height/weight squared. It is a term used for the definition of a particular ideological stance on weight.

Professionals want to be seen as doing good, whilst directly creating harm

At least the amateurs often are able to state openly, loving the game. That means they sometimes manage to display a bit of honour about the business. The medical profession never have any of that, unless they tell the (full) truth.

In this particular instance, Wollaston things that her kidding herself is the same as persuading others. Wishing to brand, label and abuse children-it's currently the thing for these people to direct their attentions on children-is for their own good. She wants to save the poor po' childrens from the life of bullying and destruction her increasingly tiresome profession have bent over backwards to stoke up and impose. No way could the bullies control themselves and STOP BULLYING. Wollaston and her ilk DON'T WANT THAT. So they behave as if it isn't earthly possible.

Leaving aside that this proposed 20% sugar tax on soft drinks, doesn't give an individual personal control over their own body or its function.

One of the reasons why dieting is so difficult to let go of  as an idea is its promise of independence from that. The promise that its all down to you, count on the fingers of one hand anyone who doesn't love that. That particular aspect is inspiring and energizing. 'Obesity' wallahs are happy with that only because they know its a low returns game.

Now this is being rumbled (again), they've switched to another means of denying individuals any control. If you have a heightened temperature. What do you expect a medic to try and achieve first? Stabilization/ lowering of your individual temperature. Or a campaign to impose taxes on hot drinks on the grounds that it may well raise  a person's temperature?

As you may know, I reversed a genuine hyperhunger disorder-of the kind all fat people are supposed to have but don't. That had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the amount of macronutrients, fat, sugar, carbohydrates, whatever in food. The issue was function, not food.

Divide and conquer

I'm second to few in impatience with amateur 'shitlords', but I cannot forget who's pulling their strings.

In fact, take a step back and what does the reaction to these mentally limited haters add to this picture? That's right, the fat public are blamed for tanking the NHS. And the fat hating public, slim or not are blamed for the hatred of the fat public.

Divide and conquer.

As if stupid hoi polloi just set about each other, because that's just what these mindless puppets just mindlessly do. Nothing to do with the lies we are directly feeding [ha] them.

The cheek of these establishment blighters. They're not even hiding it. NHS is dying because of fatties 'obesity'. We hate you because the NHS is dying you fat ugly w/e's. They're using those who are prepared, in this case to use 'obesity' as a cover for their misogyny. And medical professionals etc., secretly rub their hands as they feel another lot of people will recommit to the diet whirligig and they can continue this theatre forever.

Trying to get us suckers to pay for it through demanding money with menaces. 

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