Monday, 14 December 2015

Golden Thread

Dame Sally Davies.....who is...wait there........The Chief Medical Officer of England [the rest of the UK have been mercifully spared?] reckons 'obese' ought to be added to the UK government's list of.... hang on a sec....... "national risks". A list usually reserved for stuff such as war, terrorism, flood, pestilence etc.,

This is because... hang on let me get this right..... "the biggest modifiable risk factor now for ill health in this country is obesity." And the extent of this purported fact is thus far insufficiently appreciated by um everyone from hoi polloi to the political and social elites.

How can I put this (again), if you declare something a health crisis, yet trivialise the most affected, those most in need of scientifically sound enquiry, often erasing and blaming them, leaving them to die using them as cautionary tales. You're premise will have a permanent gaping whole at the heart of it, even in a world desperate to pretend you're making a jot of sense.

Witness the grotesque spectacle of "Doctor Dawn" with attendant media dropping in on the late Carl Thompson, shortly before his death, to humiliate and shame him to know purpose whatsoever. Failing to hear what he was trying to say, or even describe let alone illuminate his problems. The bit where they get him to tell youngsters not to be like him and not eat fast food is absent from this clip. It should be no surprise then that this did absolutely nothing for him. 

This was a learning disabled man who was found at the age 3 years old trying to get into his neighbour's fridge. The most telling thing about this was in the telling of this incident, he said, he didn't know why he was doing it. He was just driven as if on auto pilot. Imagine doing something akin to a kind of sleep walk and being forced to believe you were consciously choosing this.

I know exactly how he felt, how that feels. People find it hard to grasp. Your nervous system is like your body's information superhighway, enabling you to sense, feel and think. It also enables the messages to pass that enable your movement at its most instinctive as well as consciously willed.

That's why people become paralysed when their spinal cord is severed. The channel to deliver this messaging is cut.

It means that if something that uses the nervous system is oversensitized and/or overactive, it has the capacity to drive movement- bypassing your conscious intent. This is at the more extreme end of nervous imbalance. It is not "mental illness". Any more than an oversensitive bladder that makes you feel you must go to the toilet, even when you know it is virtually empty is "mental". It's physical.

The way to change any of this is to change physiological function......

Oh yes, I was talking about Dame Silly wasn't I? It's half a world away-as the song says isn't it? That should explain why the purpose of 'obesity' is to trot out bozo stats, threaten everyone will be faat, thunder against fat, then pass the hat (i.e. 'sugar tax') repeat ad absurdum.

Here's Sal's annual report on the health of women which some feel contains some worthwhile things, mainly overlooked by her publicity grabbing spiel.

Her insistence on the need for more attention is instructive.

The 'obese' construct-the idea that fatness is a thing attacking a slim body, [rather than the physiological actions of a whole body], has for decades enjoyed absolute dominance. It has not simply displaced, but is there in place of fat people's experiential inner narrative. To illustrate how mindbendingly dumb it is, Dame Sally mention fatness assaulting women's fertility.

It took me a while to realise that was largely an oblique reference to PCOS.

It goes nowhere because it is about nothing but what is in the minds of 'obesity' purveyors and they delude themselves about that most of all. Insisting lifestyle anorexia must work, so the fact that it hasn't means it hasn't been tried.

That could go on as long as people have the patience.

 The essence of reality is absent here. It's really about metabolic function. Instead of an instinct to stabilise weight and alter physiological function, we have weight categorisation and way beyond disordered fetishization of eating and food. The begging hat that is the proposed 'sugar tax' speaks to this directly.

At one point Davies mentions weight as a "golden thread" running through women's lives. She is really describing metabolic function. The way the body regulates its own cell regeneration and culling could indeed be described as such. All the issues she describes are about the effects of the vagaries of that function.

Having the ability to manipulate this could be a golden thread in terms of health and well being. The possibilities it opens up could go some way to rivalling the touted promise gene therapy-who knows? Our cells make up our material being.

People unused to mindless hate are beginning to get bored of this rubbish.

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