Friday, 15 April 2016

Society's A Gastric Band

Susan Jebb's recently said weight is genetically inspired and worked on by the (food) environment. It's another incarnation of the 'obesogenic' notion.
“You need in some cases a superhuman effort to reduce your food intake. Is that their fault? I don’t think it is.”
What demands superhuman effort is that our bodies are designed to fight this withdrawal of nourishment. The effort is required to defeat your body's organization. Like a football team trying to win by aiming only to score own goals, you are working hard merely to play against yourself.

Better still, it would require little to no effort if a person's hunger was reduced first. That would then led to the person eating less without any need for inefficient "willpower". Whether this would make a person slim or not, is another story but it must again be noted that Jebb doesn't mention this. 'Obesity' wallahs rarely do.

They continue with the wrong way to implement their own demands, so desparate are they to head off the end of civilization as we know it. The idea of the environment acting on a person's weight differs little from- public opprobrium (supposedly) acts to repress a person's weight.

Note the constant of the general contains the individual. This denies said individual any real control over their own body, such as altering hunger, use of energy and so on. This weird, locus of control as outside and wholly inside, keeps your open to interference yet dumps the dysfunction at your door. Jebb hardly departs from this mode. She's just positioned towards the other end.

The outcome of millions of individuals eating as sparsely as would be required, is to turn big food as we know it, into small food. The possibility that this will be replaced with companies that produce acceptable food is undermined by the impossibility of pleasing the food-is-weight regulation crew.

Whether its their phoney tussling is whether sugar or fat is the culprit. Or "plant-based" is everything. [Followed by corrections with titles such as: "This is why you're putting on weight on a plant-based diet.] Who can follow their hypothetical assertions?

To regulate the food of people versus regulate the food business that will be regulated anyway by the regulation of millions of individual people, is the same "side", all inside calories in/out. Not facing up to the implications of mass "lifestyle change" has depended on the untenability of dieting, which is then blamed on individual failure, to keep it going.

Recognizing the extra obstacle of trying to diet individually in the face of an onslaught diametrically opposed to it, was always likely to be the, when slim people felt threatened enough to start behaving like fat people have done for ever. 

The purpose of individualizing dieting and weight, was to try and keep this away from slim people, when they felt dieting had nothing to do with them, not because it was any way to implement mass dietary restriction.

I already made the point that in a society, the thinnest/least weight retentive need to swap roles with the so called 'morbidly obese'. They will have to be the ones scrambling uphill to maintain to their weight up as deathfatz have to run around trying to repress theirs. Calories in/out as the default weight regulation, pits the needs of those least able to gain weight, against those most able.

You can see a bit of this when people complain about food taxes; "Why should I have to pay more for those who can't control themselves?" Clearly they are dunces, but the point is, they voted for it by going along with the insistence on CRIWL. 

Constant warnings about how fat every will be have finally helped to slowly erode slim people's confidence that they just choose slim. This set-up was always waiting for that particular penny to drop and it is. 

The origin of fat people's sense of guilt and protectiveness towards slimmer people is based on feelings of: "We don't want to drag you into this." But that was a conceit. It wasn't up to us.

Those clinging to the status quo pretense of this is an issue of "individual responsibility" simply wish to continue this particular sort of fiction. They're ignoring that this would probably allow the clamour toward dismantling invidual rights to increase, the one that has enabled this taxing of sugar in the first place.

Such is no longer restricted to fat people.

And so it goes. 

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