Monday, 4 April 2016

Fat phobia is not Real phobia

This site promoting a phobia cure made me smile. No matter how trivial [or self inflicted] the affliction, slimstream always manages to elevate it to the highest of [self] importance. Everything's about status.

What makes this funny is the continued efforts to deny hunger exists or when they admit it does that hunger is real.

This has an extra tang of amusement for someone who spent years battling with unreal/fake/emotional/addictional or w/e they call it, actually real hunger.

Some i-net idiot summed it up when he exclaimed "No one can be that hungry." Not simply conflating a heightened level of hunger with fatness, but any hunger at all [in a fat person].

This astonished me, because I realised the extent of this-it's not happening to me therefore it is not happening.

If I took that as my stance, I'd hardly accept a gotdurned thing. What makes me accept things that don't appear to be about a whole lot to me, is ultimately not that I can imagine or not imagine it happening to me, but a recognition of the impact it is having on the person concerned.

That's about it.

I don't demand proof/disproof of the evident. I don't insist the person must prove they feel and/or cannot stop feeling something.

No ultimately I accept a consistent representation of experience and a sense that what they feel they're feeling is real.

Even when I don't for a second accept any or some aspect of their interpretation of it. I don't play gotcha and pretend that makes them a liar and can be dismissed whilst I make them up.

And you know what? That's usually enough. Actually listening to real people. And no, forcing people to think in certain ways dictated by you, then quoting that back as their voice isn't that.

The genus of the term fat phobia is not the triggering of REAL FEAR by a cue that isn't reflective of the RESPONSE it is triggering. And no, calling that 'irrational', though not strictly untrue isn't helpful.

A famous actor was talking about the moment he was put onto on skyscraper tall rooftop restaurant, only to find himself suddenly feeling as if he was encased in concrete. Was that "irrational"? Not wholly, though he was safe. The point was a reaction had been triggered and took his body over, without his conscious processing or awareness. He had no sense of fearing heights before this.

It's a mechanical effect, but it is real. 

The source of fat phobia like homophobia comes from xenophobia, aversion to strangers, indeed difference. That is allowed to turn into prejudice, disgust and yes fear. Do you really need to hear how some people increasingly refer to and talk about Muslims for example? Muslims, you know the ones who translated and incorporated the ancient Greek texts into their culture schema, the same ones modern western civilisation is supposed to have grown out of?

Like this genus of phobia, fat phobia is a choice. Its reality is maintained by a continuous effort of will by the person. Some people seem to feel they need enemies to get themselves out of bed in the morning. No wonder this pretence of energy, energy, energy is so popular amongst those who feel dead inside.

It is to give yourself a false feeling that you have reason to attack those who've posed no threat to you. When folk are desperate enough to misbehave without the guts to just do it, they'll perform all sorts of contortions to manage and suppress their conscience.

They know better, but do not wish to do better.

This ultimately led to unscientific starvation processes and life-threatening surgeries. In particular, the female section of the society started developing chronic and uncompromising eating habits such as anorexia and bulimia.
Note the use of women to back up "unscientific" before any fat feminists get too outraged, that is exactly the tack used to suppress the voices of fat women, by many calling themselves feminists.

Starvation is the only route to weight loss given by those calling themselves scientists. That is why anorexia and bulimia are taking off, as means to achieve starvation and consequent weight loss. That this is deemed science is why fat people took it on without question-we're all used to scientists giving us objective rendering of what is real.

That people could use science merely to establish and perpetrate a false view is something many are simply not ready to contemplate.

"Anti-fatness" is being spread and used by the 'obesity' cult to put its real agenda/s into effect.

And I'm sure fat phobia could be eliminated in five seconds in most people. It simply requires the end of defining fat people as disease. Nor is there such thing as "obeseophobia". That's like saying slutophobia, the phobia is rooted in the construct before it.

The other kind of phobia is real, it is the trigger that is false in the sense that it isn't commensurate with the kind or extent of response. Curing this is a matter of changing the response to that cue. Dismantling fat phobia is about deciding to no longer support it.

Accept bodies come in different sizes and that if you wish to change that, you need to understand the body, not abuse the person. Stop conflating humanness with slimness, which means anything to do with fat people falls outside that in your mind.

Restore being human as the means of deciding humanness. It's that simple, because fat phobia is that contrived.

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