Thursday, 31 March 2016

Real Before and After

Ashleigh Shackleford's two-fingers at the "before" and "after" meme reminded me of the mis-directed desire to display the shift from surrender to the 'obese' construct to embracing your being.

Instead of pretending fatness is a choice, when it rarely is.

This is a better way.

There needs to be more disrupting of before and after. I'd like to see one with a fat person looking really miserable, hangdog in dowdy ratty clothes as "before" self acceptance. Then an "after" of them feeling better, either in the same clothes or ones that reflect change.

They don't have to smile, just reflect the internal shift. From puppet, to agent, from ventriloquist dummy to fully alive.

We're so caught up in viewing ourselves from the outside/in, a volatile position that lends itself to tumbling into the momentum of neurotic disorder, that we forget just how much we can see of a profound internal shift within from the outside. Our perceptions are and can be even more subtle. This in itself could become a visual antidote to framing outer tinkering as some kind of spiritual shift.

I watched a programme about a cosmetic surgery clinic and the owner said it was purely about psychology. In other words, it's all about changing the way a person feels inside.

It doesn't have to be two pictures. It could be before, during and after!! Could be a whole strip of images reflecting an internal shift in theme, reflecting the fact that life isn't one/two, a pretence of happy ever after revealed in public, unravelling in private, but a continuous stream-of-consciousness.

Expect all to be appropriated by diet shills though.

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