Friday, 4 March 2016

Shut up Catocracy

Can women pimping what they imagine is male favour just shut up. No question mark. If you are so concerned with the health of chubby or fat women, confine your comments to insisting on proper science into ways of manipulating body weight successfully and painlessly.

Rather than go all Saudi Arabia and claim fat/ter women shouldn't be seen in public. Our bodies are not obscene and do not need to be removed from view. We've already come from that. We hear it- slimness is western hijab. 'Tis the means to get there has a crater sized hole in it and keeps sinking before it reaches the bank. Deal with that or admit you just want fat people to attack themselves for your entertainment, profit and social advancement *yawhn.*

I'm not getting into arguments about whether the tag 'obese' is wrong for Ashley Graham because its insulting and she's bootiful. People still cannot seem to get that 'obesity' starts at a BMI of 30 and that most fat people fall between 30-35.

What is offensive is the way certain people have the capacity to re-name and/or re-classify and demote human beings, in order to produce a continuous stream of lies about them. The suspension of science is mortifying.

I knew this "thin models = anorexia" would be used against fat bodies. I have always regarded that as thoroughly disengenous. The size of fashion models is an expression of attitudes held by those who are trying to blame it on young women, often of their own class!

The motivation is similar, envy social jostling feeling it can be expressed behind a veneer of "concern."

It is dieting and its calories in/out basis that = [more] anorexia, bulimia, hyperphagia. Other women's bodies are not responsible for women's body ish-yous. Stop blaming them and look at the insistence that all weight loss must come about through disorder and self-punishment.

There is no such thing as "healthy dieting" there is just dieting where your body successfully defends you against the assault of starvation and stops it becoming anorexia or triggering powerful counterreactions like hyperphagia. Though individuals vary, this upshot of successful defence is the overall norm.

That is why diets /lifestyle changey-choice/weight management are doomed to fail. That isn't my opinion that is simply the way our bodies are designed.

Anorexia etc., happen when something goes wrong with some aspect of the defences against such self induced famine.

I'll spell it out for you Ms Sour Currie, hater doesn't equal diagnostician. Don't think you're kidding anyone that you don't want people to get diabetes etc., in punishment for being fat. Just like bad girls who slept with too many men should get dead too, preferably after an agonising death bed soliloquy of bitter regret.

How one should have kept one end or the other tightly shut. In order to enter the kingdom of good girl.

Even if that was to happen, it is people like you who not listening. This public ache for fat people's agony and suffering is something that should tell even the most whacked out fat phobe that they've hit the loony tunes buffer, hard. 

Get a hold of yourselves, this is in plain sight!

Supporting starvation as the only option for altering weight means you want fat people to be sentenced to a life time of painful failure? Supporting the pathologization and stigmatization of women's bodies means you want fat people to be sentence to a life time of self perpetuated neurosis, 'depression' and unhappiness.

We've already done it.

Currie is a serial offender. She was using fat hate to espouse her own personal credo. And like so many like her she cannot begin to apply her own purported rationale to herself. Edwina Currie used to be slim and thought that was all about her.

She gained weight with age. I've nothing against this. But do feel anybody who pretends weight loss via dieting is viable, has no right to gain any weight or be fat. If your body is living testament to its failure, you make a liar out of yourself in claiming otherwise.

Memo to feminists, this is what you look like when trying to find a way to shiv fat women back or front, with unconvincing health concern. One you never had for a second in all the years fat women were drowning helplessly in vitriol, inside and out. 

We rescued ourselves against your fighting us every step of the way.You're still trying to find a way to, without sounding misogynist. You too sound like promoters of catocracy, as in "cat fight." Where once you've deciding to accept your allotted societal status, you crank and fight for supremacy within that.

Bully for you.

But we know what it looks like when people like Currie genuinely care. 

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