Friday, 11 March 2016

Hedonic and Metabolic Obesity

Palatable, hyperpalatable, healthy/unhealthy foods/people, "lifestyle", obesogenic, hedonic overeating/obesity. The crusade to turn-weight-into-social-class is inventing more and more jargon to keep alive its cherished pretence that starvation is a sustainable lifestyle.

Let's take this metabolic and hedonic obesity, it's from a doctor, but we can bear in mind the medical profession's outstanding record on helping fat people slim,
The naturally thin often have a hard time understanding the struggles of the very many who battle with overweight and obesity. 
They don't really. If they have no trouble with; I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't get the horn etc., I can't starve at all/ for the rest of my life whilst jumping up and down is less than a no-brainer. The desired pretence that they no-understandy is ballasted by the insistence on defining fat people as slim people +. Rather than whole people. Disrupting wholeness is a different prospect from decreasing (presumed) excess.
Why is losing weight -- and especially keeping it off -- so very hard? 
"Weight loss" isn't hard, our bodies are doing it all the time. Along with weight gain in a cyclical manner, like activity and rest.

It'll be self-induced starvation that's "hard", though that was never the problem. Fat people signed up for becoming slim. We accepted that it would be hard. Hard to tolerate being endlessly trashed, accused of being suicidal greedy idiot loafers. Our response was to studiously feel bad about existing in a fat state. Rarely did we truly question this out of anything more than frustration with our own perceived failure.

So please spare us, "its because its hard." We accepted hard, we did hard. What we couldn't in the end accept was damaging, useless, futile, a waste of life.

Enforced starvation is a tool of torture and death. Starvation has been used as as weapon in wars to make even the most militant surrender. I'm sorry to invoke horrors I cannot begin to imagine. But the ceaseless trivialisation of the power of hunger to justify attacking it as weight regulation makes it easy for richer countries especially to forget the visceral power of hunger and our inherent resistance to its imposition. We are simply not designed to starve, no matter how pleasant and happy the surrounds.

Or else why would people have anything to say about anorexia? How much longer can those who acknowledge the mere discomfort, let alone pain readily deny it in others? Tell us, what is fuelling that?

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