Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Down With Slim-Plus

There's an on-going contretemps about the term "plus-size". I'm not sure I get it, but I'm guessing someone's worked out that it basically means, "plus-slim" and they're not feeling that description. If so, join the club, welcome.

This could be reminiscent of the ruckus concerning BMI or body mass index. That's the product of an equation that takes your height and squares it-or something by your weight in order to give you a number, by which you can fit yourself into a weight category. Underweight/normal/overweight/obese.

I've never managed to be remotely offended by BMI. The issue is with the underlying premise rather than any surface realization of it. The premise is weight is a disease-like entity, beyond or even under a certain point and becomes increasingly so with each increment of increase. 

This is based on the hugely solipsistic take on fatness, that it is slimness avec a detachable plus. Rather than whole people, like slim people just simply larger than they. Such a notion is so damaging to fat people's sense of self. It also enables slim people to get off the hook for their crazed cognition and elective delusions about fat people.

They know they're wrong, they either don't want to be right, or are scared to be. Fat haters have been too revved empowered as prefect bullies by "obesity science" and medics to be reasoned with to any real degree.

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