Monday, 3 July 2017

Life Needs Life

Chanowk Yisrael grows produce in his urban landscape.
Yisrael.... tells me that for some of the folks (even into their 30s), this was the first time they’d experienced the joy of pulling a piece of fruit off the vine and biting into it right then and there. It’s a life-changing experience, he says, that he provides for people year-round in his backyard garden.  
Pick it, smell it, taste it. Even imagining that is more enticing than any healthist bulletin of eat this or pay the wages of disease and death. Whatever you opinion neither food industrialists, many of whom would put unrefined canine poop in your food if they could get away with it, nor fanatical fantasists poisoning our understanding of food, should be allowed to dictate your experience of food and eating.

People eat according to the best and most suitable choices for them available in their environment, whatever any projection insists. Folks do not exist in a vacuum.  Not according to the dictates of the price of everything and the value of nothing and/or the pleasure watching prudes.

Both are lacking sense and sensuality.

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