Friday, 30 June 2017

Training Not Treatment [i.e. Drugs]

One of the totally out of the blue things I've learnt from the Internet is that endocrinologists are viewed as somewhat of a joke amongst their peers in the white coat peerage.

Harsh. There are so many more promising candidates. At least endocrinologists (purport to?) study tangible anatomy. The glands.

Yeah, you're feeling me.

I won't bother again explain how these apparent jokers could have gained the best kind of revenge, it's sort of obvious. This report, "Complex obesity causes require a new approach to research" is not going to help with that though. Subtitle, "Endocrine Society outlines mechanisms underlying obesity epidemic".

I swear I must live in hope 'cos I was genuinely looking forward to a good summation. Instead;
A growing body of research indicates that obesity is a disorder of the energy homoeostasis system, according to a new Endocrine Society scientific statement.
To be fair, chuckles, it's like, "Shyness is a disorder of relating socially". Blame the writer, after all the source material is not available and she doesn't appear to know what's going on.
...statement suggested that obesity is caused by two distinct processes: energy homoeostasis and energy imbalance -- specifically, energy intake greater than expenditure.
That'd be the greedy 'n' lazy reference. Well hidden MFs.
Energy homeostasis refers to the establishment of a new and higher body weight "set point" matching energy intake and expenditure, referred to as an "upward setting."
Well re-set it downward then genie-asses. No probs, no disorder, alter the function of the equipment, you know the stuff you're studying-your field.
This mechanism subsequently leads to sustained body weight over time, as well as regaining of weight after diet or lifestyle changes in many cases.
No, homoeostasis enables our bodies to restore ourselves. What you have there is the ideal tool for "weight maintenance". What you need to change the settled points, [geddit?] set points it restores. Look for the best way, not the drug way.
"Because of the body's energy balance adjustments, most individuals who successfully lose weight struggle to maintain weight loss over time,"  
Oh shut up. It's the wrong approach, self induced starvation violates the function of biology.
"To effectively treat obesity, we need to better understand the mechanisms that cause this phenomenon, and to devise interventions that specifically address them. Our therapeutic focus has traditionally been on achieving weight reduction. Most patients can do this; what they have the most trouble with is keeping the weight off."
The same mechanisms that 'cause' slim as you indicated already.
"Healthcare providers and patients need to view this tendency as the body's expected response to weight loss, rather than as a sign of a failed treatment regimen or noncompliance with treatment," he added.
We need to and are viewing it as your failure. Send your thoughts to any societies involving themselves in 'obesity', preferably copies of troll messages, they divise this kind of woo for. 

Nor have cal res wallahs had any "therapeutic focus"-it's not required anyway. Turning everyone around people into bullies and haters in order to make not starving less painful to currently ripping through the stomachs of hundreds of thousands is hardly therapeutic.

Nor is that necessary as weight does not require "treatment", i.e. another set of their toxic poison and useless drugs with alarming side effects.

See next post for suggestions

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