Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Pre-existing conditions, Schme-existing conditions

America's current healthcare funding woes are a reminder of the way the current shift in health modes from-health problems are a largely random misfortune that happen at/to you toward health probs are your fault...which yes, both are rather silly but, ya know, culture.

Let's take sleep hygiene, yay! Now you must get the required amount of sleep, or else-you die [the epic coup de foudre of all health these days].
...his conviction that we are in the midst of a “catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic”
There's that word "epidemic" again. The 'obesity' model is spreading-pardon the pun. At least this incarnation of invasive duty-dicktat doesn't define a person as something other than that.
Second, they should start thinking about sleep as a kind of work, like going to the gym (with the key difference that it is both free and, if you’re me, enjoyable).  
Settle your excitement, I'll betcha can't wait.

Though there's some acknowledgement of the sheer real life inconvenience/implausibility of this. the end, the individual can achieve only so much. Walker wants major institutions and law-makers to take up his ideas, too.
Admirable realism in comparison to the ob cult, albeit that's rather a low standard. It's aimed at people who do not have the extensive cult level conditioning of BMI 30+ and will only tolerate so much.

For example, if people must starve, they should probably be doing it in largely in bed with minimal demands on their energy. By the way, the assertion that folks can necessarily shed serious weight on 1,200 cals brings an amused smile to my face, before you get to long-term sustainability. Why do you think they are having their stomachs excised for?

This 1 in 4 Americans have an expensive pre-existing condition, insurance-wise, caught my eye, it sounds suspiciously low. Who really is undiagnosable with something now? Would you confidently bet anybody can get away with proclaiming themselves healthy, merely because they've got nothing wrong with them? Have you learnt nothing all these years? Lols.

And lifestyle is getting funnier by the day for other reasons too,
...the KFF has a list of conditions that insurers routinely used to deny coverage or inflate prices prior to the ACA, including: HIV, treatment for alcohol abuse, anorexia, bulimia, cancer, heart by-pass surgery, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, obesity, pending surgery, pregnancy or a man whose partner is expecting a baby, and sleep apnea.
So anorexia and bulimia, effectively CRIWL the only permitted "treatment" for "obesity", are pre-existing conditions, along with it courtesy of the AMA's LIE, not forgetting "diabetes" that's also "medicated" with anorexia/bulimia/orthorexia/mutilation.

Anxiety is the state which is demanded from anyone straying into BMI 30+ in order to "motivate" themselves-supposedly. And depression/low mood happens with chronic underfeeding and starvation. It's also what happens when anxiety exhausts the nervous system, along with the extent of force used by the nervous system in trying to fight off and restore the effects of sustained energy deficit.

Dieting for any length of time requires an obsessive-compulsive focus merely to implement it and probably the development of one if it is to become a life sentence, evidenced by how difficult it is to "give up" dieting.

This sort of thing blunts satire's edge. 

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