Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Bye-Bye Weight Mess

Belated Happy New Year. 

What more is to be said about the weight mess?

It all boils down to some rather simple facts. The means we have to reduce body mass-effectively self-induced starvation has proven to be a failure.

This fact although obvious and much commented on, is widely rejected.

That could say it all, except to add something peculiar, professionals wish this failed approach to succeed. In a way, that is the real mystery in all this-why weight loss has to happen through starvation.

You wish to achieve something, fine. You presume it will be in one particular way, okay. It turns out not to be the way, fine. But for some reason, you insist the ends must be achieved via that means and that means alone.

Doesn't make sense.

Why not just find the correct way to achieve it if its so important? Especially when that is your profession's vocation.

That sort of question should always be used to derail any and all weight bollox. Indeed, 2019 is as good a time as any to blow up that bridge. 

This neurosis is being driven by research, science and healthcare professionals. If this was about public prejudice, it would have been done long ago.

Professional status is giving it all this its characteristic validation of unreality.

Many people's brains cannot help but see what is out there in plain sight. It's the conscious, social mind that is going along with the pro's flow.

This denial of truth is a decision.

Few other than those whose with a level of trust so unparallelled in modern society-though many of them my gripe otherwise- could underwrite such an Emperor's New Clothes style suspension of disbelief.

We owe so much to them and their professions, maybe they think we owe them unquestioned submission to this lie as a means of some repayment.

I'm sorry if they've taken this to heart, but not even they cannot make this particular fiction walk with a reality this omnipresent and undeniable. 

Unless there is a counteracting force to equal or surpass this emotional configuration, this mad hatters ball will continue to trundle on, what it has cost us thus far will soon be made small. Attacking the body as if an imagined "disease" has to stop.

It is nothing personal and should not be taken personally by professionals.

We'll have to pay what we owe in some other way.

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