Friday, 18 January 2019

Repeat Fail, Complain About Fail, Repeat Fail, Repeat Complaint About Repeated Fail......

As you know we are all required by health care professionals et al, to be slim and to do it by one method that's a pretty comprehensive failure. Such epic failure cannot be hidden, either stop pretending that we don't all know this, or attack the person. They're to blame, they're doing something wrong, they've failed.

This is a major driver of their attacks on fat people, not deeply held antagnoism. The effect on the targets of this is on the ability to perceive our own actions and their results. It also has led fat people to feel they have no credibility, in this and other areas.

It is this not "disbelief" which prompts policing people into this state of self-incredulity, it is the salvaging of dieting. Belief is faith or assertion in the absence of evidence or conclusive evidence, either for or against. The evidence here is overwhelming, dieting has failed. Every person above an acceptably designated size, who's dieted, is evidence.

Here's a current example of the everlasting cycle to present the individual as defective and dieting as viable. "I lost 13 stone – now I know the truth about obesity" by Nadja Hermann. It's the same old shit its all in your head, but her spin is your problem is your "fat logic" [yup]. This led me assume she was, Marillia Brocchetto "Reddit's bullies pushed me to fight weight gain", turns out not.

Urban Dick defines "fat logic" as,
The astounding mental gyrations obese people use to justify their size. Fatlogic never, ever includes eating too much and exercising too little.
The notion of anybody "justifying their size" is created by ci/co, something pushed by the 'obesity' crusade.

Herman says,
The term doesn’t mean “fat people’s logic”, but refers to the complex grab bag of supposedly medical facts, well-meaning advice, homegrown ideas and fantasies that make losing weight not only difficult, but impossible.
Dickhead's version is really Nadja's, sans the female performance of 'nice'. Sounds like the usual "fat thinking" trope. I remember being haunted by the notion that I was thinking fat thoughts without knowing it. Like a lot of fatz, I ended up becoming hyper vigilant, trying to catch myself out thinking these thoughts that contradicted my overweening desire to be slim. I wish I was joking.
My main goal is to expose the system of supposed wisdom and well-meant advice about obesity and weight loss as nothing but fat logic, as a vicious circle of fallacies and myths. I intend to do it by taking each individual claim of fat logic that together make up that system and directly debunking them, one by one.
The "system"?

You're still with the reality that dieting itself is not simply punitive but doesn't work? Allow me to go on. Getting hooked on smack is associamafacated with lower risk of ob, buuuuttt, it is pathological, it can lead to your death, (results not typical).

Dieting is pathological, starvation is a way to die and it doesn't work, i.e. it's not effective, two fails for the price of one. Keep that in mind.
For me breaking the cycle was the pivotal change. As a behavioural therapist, I failed to deal with my own weight for years. The reason is that (behavioural) therapy can only work if we recognise which behaviours we need to change, and we are convinced that therapy will be effective and we will be able to make it work. 
"..can only work.....if we are convinced that therapy will be effective and we will be able to make it work." Wouldn't it be easier to just find something fit for the task that has built-in efficacy? Why should we have to bend and twist up ourselves to "make it work" if it already does work? What is its effectiveness beyond us then? And if we are its effectiveness and we are "defective", this is hardly going to end well is it?

What she's claiming is that if y'all will just stop entertaining fatty thoughts, you'll be mad keen (again) on weight loss dieting, just like you were in the good old days. You know you would.

"Lose weight" =starving off weight. Also, "eating behaviour"=eating. She's emphasising the use of "eating behaviour" because the "obesity community" wants it eating to be viewed as behavioural.

Hunger=signal, eating=response.

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