Thursday, 20 November 2008

Calories do and don't count

We all like to flip-flop with this one.

Some say that calories don't count, some who've tried to lose weight unsuccessfully say that eating a certain amount of calories doesn't guarantee, that you will lose weight, keep or keep it off. Or that a certain total intake will not lose you the amount of weight you have been lead to believe. Those same people claim that if you are on a diet, you must be starving and suffering- you may be either/or, or neither. But a blanket assumption contradicts their opining of metabolic variety and unpredictability. They look at skinny people and say you don't eat x, you probably eat y, but by their own view, that is open to doubt.

Then there are those who pooh-pooh metabolic variety, expressing the view that it is a cover for greed and indolence. But then go on to blithely claim that high fat foods cause weight gain, because they under satisfy. They taste too good they're unctuousness corrupts the palate, provoking constant cravings for them. This creates a cycle of fatty tasty food, which fails to satisfy prompting more cravings for more fatty foods etc.

The problem is that can only be so if calories don't count, or count differently when it comes to fatty foods. Calories are in essence, energy. When you're hungry above all else this is what you require, therefore high calorie food cannot be any less satisfying than anything other food because calories are calories and they count the same. Calories must lead to satiety; we can't be satisfied by any number of vitamin pills, we must have energy.

Unless energy, is somehow, not energy.

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