Tuesday, 11 November 2008

What! No title?

Ok, it's about time to bypass the blockage.

I'm not the kind of person to say, it's just tone of those things, obviously it's about me and some little traps I've fallen into.

My first interest in the fatosphere, was to exchange views regarding all things fat, I took for granted that somewhere, people would be ready to here thoughtful considered first-hand observations on why people were not losing weight and becoming thin as anyone would reasonably expect, given the sense that the 'problem' of fatness was solved by calorie manipulation.

I thought that intelligent people would be surprised, find it hard to take in, above but above all, they'd be interested, fascinated even. Maybe a few mischievous souls might be a little excited in anticipation of another shibboleth biting the dust.

Nothing prepared me for what actually transpired, suffice to say, little of any the above apart from certain parts of the fatosphere.

This has rather left it hard for me to situate what I have to say in the path of the stream.

This is down to me, I suppose you could call it courage of convictions. I'm not used to boldly declaring I'm going this way. Reality has solved that issue in the sense that my I am somewhat persona non grata, this is somewhat, although by no means wholly due to my own failings.

I am alone, and I have to ask myself, do I want it that way? I don't feel that I do, I like to interact with others, but I also like to shut them out, maybe the latter is more to the fore than I would have thought.

More than anything, I wish to move forward, but it's the physchological attachments that are proving harder to negotiate, than I'd ever imagined.

* Amended to add a title

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