Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Your reputation preceeds you

When it comes to being fat that is.

The surprise that you are capable of sayng no to food, especially the things you are supposed to major in. That is biscuits, cakes, chocolate especially, many's the time pepole have been met with uncomprehension, shock, feel they just must have misheard, when I've turned down these things. It's also the case when I've not been hungry when I 'supposed' to be. I had no idea that one of my vocations as a fat person, was to facilitate and enable people's eating.

It's as if some people feel a bit uncomfortable, if I'm not eating and they are, as if they'll be hell for them to pay somehow.

This could be amusing, but actually the presumption plus the persistence of your tormentor; plus the way they examine your face minutely, for what our amateur psychologist sees as any sign of strain or (inevitable, surely) falsehood on your part, gets tiresome, quicker than you would expect.

The thing is, when you stop trying to deny yourself things, you have a chance of getting over them just a tad. For doesn't necessarily excite me, it depends on how I feel, even if I'm hungry, I sometimes just don't care about food, I decide what to eat and just do it. This may not sound very nice, but frankly I find the variety of response liberating.

It shows that the obesity personna is a bit of a drag on people who are not it's direct targets (or actually are they, more about that later)

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