Saturday, 18 April 2009

Eating is bound to be a moral issue

The question is which morality?

I know what is meant by "Eating /food is not a moral issue" but it's a shame that in our response to labelling foods 'good' or 'bad', that we accept the premise of this being the whole of morality and eating. 

The way we eat is bound to both reflect and be affected by our morality (personal and collective) our self expression too as with the clothes we wear. Its necessity makes it an intimate part of our experience, we cannot avoid the way this source has been channelled into the obesity crisis.

It illuminates the anchor it has in people's minds for one, part of the sadness of being under attack is not being able to grasp what gives it such power.

We express our ethical concerns through eating whether its including/excluding things out of conscience or spiritual and religious belief. Even when we change our diet for health reasons that tends to take on a moral tone.

Rejecting obesity crisis dictates about eating offers the possibility of other moralities, better ones. Ones that are humane preferring to reflect people’s lived reality and the way their bodies actually function.

A more intriguing divide is the extent to which you are guided by your inner reasoning rejecting the outer dictates of those who have authority for its own sake or for the convenience of others, even under duress.

It becomes a discussion between those who like to believe human beings lean towards degeneracy when feeding themselves and those who feel given minimal interference from other agendas plus a variety of choice, that the average person will do as well as any ideology in the main.

One of the first ways children begin to assert and test their will is over their food choices, starting from the breast or bottle. Many of their choices seem influenced by their personal bio-chemistry as well as or reflecting their tastes and aesthetic sensibilities and people they wish to be like. We do need to prevent the food industries getting a hold of their imaginations and respect their decisions.

We make moral decisions about the way our food is produced the way we cultivate it those affect our relationship with the natural world and other animals.

On a macro level what is added to everyday food stuffs in order to fortify with nutrients. People suffer especially in terms of brain development all over the world for want of nutrients added to things like salt in the west. Some of the earliest consumer laws in the UK were prompted by the adulteration of staples like flour to improve the appearance or add bulk, up to and including things that were poisonous.

Eating cannot be separated from our innate sense of morality when above all, it sustains our ability to exist.

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