Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Good/ bad fatty

Some people believe in what's now referred to as healthy lifestyles. Others are sceptics.

Healthy living enthusiasts believe that a diet of whole grains, fibre, vegetables and fruits, with a bit of protein thrown in, will ensure optimum health.

Others have never lost the sense that what they what and like and enjoy is the only worthwhile criteria for eating.

Where healthy lifers, believe in exercising ones body.

Sceptics move according to their own diktats, as much as they can, they trust themselves to move for a purpose or for the pleasure of it.

Describing yourself as living a healthy lifestyle, is a little like calling yourself 'pro-life' or a 'pro sex feminist'. If you really were, you would naturally personify it and therefore wouldn't label yourself so self-consciously.

Whether people are fat or thin, they come to conclusions based on the people they are, not by their weight.

The above divide is just as much there outside FA as it is within. Fat people, in general and in FA are just like anyone else.

I'm not criticising Cree for raising the point, but I'm not quite sure why people expect fat people to be free of these kinds of opinions, we have all learned them equally, we are part of society, why would we be by necessity be immune?

I do know that healthy lifestyle ideals could be seen to contradict aspects of fat acceptance, undermine them even (or vice versa).

Those of us who are healthy lifestyle sceptics have more in common-on this and many points- with slim people who reject this way, than we do with people within FA who think it's all that. They are enthusiasts and the nature of what they believe tends to make it run amok.

Sometimes H/L does act as a Trojan horse for a lot of unresolved desire, it can serve to hide, and perpetuate all sorts of disordered thinking on food and eating, plus desire for weight loss.

However, it is described, perceived and prescribed as scientifically valid.

And as we've learned to our cost, that can go a hell of a long way.

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