Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hate doesn't work?

I'm afraid it does.

Lovely fragrant Golda Poretsky tells us it doesn't make your health better, true, but that's not really the point.

We are talking about facilitating weight loss dieting.

Notice I didn't say facilitating weight loss, as we know, weight loss dieting rarely can deliver that on a permanent basis.

Self hate takes the horse to water, but can't make it drink as the drinking part would be the WLD efficacy.

When we aim for something, our able servant the brain attempts to bring that about, often in the most unpromising of circumstance. This is what it is built to do, just like your heart is built to beat.

When we push it to attempt things in ways that are not conducive to delivering our requirements, that pressure pushes it to do some strange things.

For instance, if you've ever had a crossword habit, you know that when you can't answer a clue, you urge your brain on, hoping that it has gone blank because it's searching your memory bank for the answer, rather than you just don't know it.

At some point you'll find that if it's the latter, your brain starts spewing up all sorts of words that you know cannot possibly be right. It's been forced to resort to the fantasy of supplying the right answer as opposed to actually having the right answer.

This is the famous fat people don't know what they eat line. Several studies show that fat people underguesstimate what we eat more than others. This is supposed to be significant because diet didacts insist that knowing exactly how much you eat is the key to being and becoming thin.

Leaving aside the fact that the body calculates it's own energy needs on a moment to moment basis without any conscious input. I mean how are we supposed to just know how much we need to correctly replenish our cells right now? If I had to think about that, how would I be able to think enough to type this?

The disparity they are observing is that the more pressure you put on yourself to deliver weight loss through a means the body is designed to fight off, ferociously, the more the brain delivers up the illusion of keeping to calorie restriction as opposed to actually achieving it, which it is designed to thwart at almost any cost.

Fat people are no less aware than anyone else of what we eat, if we subject to the same level, or lack of pressure they were. Certainly a lot of what slim people say about 'why' they are thin is highly suspect as they are subjecting themselves to a similar level of pressure as fat people, just in a different direction.

Having taken the cals in/out bait they have to see themselves as diligent, how can you say, people are fat because they don't pay attention to what they eat and then be thin and say you don't pay any more attention to what you eat?

You have to assume, to feel that you are, and the brain will step in with a bit of conformation bias, a bit of overemphasis of whatever activity level you think you are reaching and bingo, you've got a thin person who watches themselves like a hawk.

The underlying basis is the same, shoring up calorie monitoring as viable weight control method.

Our assumption is, we internalize fat hatred and then attempt to escape this bind with WLD.

It would be more accurate to say that WLD only begins to make sense in a context of self hatred yourself because that is the context most conducive to self abuse. This surround hides and numbs the discomfort and pain of attempting to starve yourself, the point of pain is to prevent and/or limit damage.

There are variations, some are able to diet with equanimity, at least some of the time. However for most of us, many aspects of trying to lose weight via dieting makes lowered self esteem an inevitability.

That is why we are told straight up that we should hate ourselves and be ashamed of ourselves. Everyone knows that hatred and dieting have a symbiosis and that's not limited to fat people, it's available to anyone who involves themselves in this habit.

That also is a big fuel for fat hating of others. I don't know how much this perception was instinctive or planned, but the fact that every weight group has been roped into the necessary for self denial and calorie consciousness is why anti fat hysteria has managed to reach this peak.

Without it, it's hard to see how fat people how an abstract hate could penetrate the abject indifference others would feel about fatness and fat people. Underneath it all, people don't give a fig about fatness and fat people, in the same way most of us don't give a fig about dieters and dieting. Venom of this pitch this to have a context and roots.

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