Thursday, 11 February 2010

There is no failure, only feedback

Liver disease scientists look for ways to remedy liver conditions.

Lung disease scientists look for ways to remedy lung conditions.

Obesity scientists look for ..................... what exactly?

How many ways, fatness is a boo boo? How much fatties really should be quaking? How to perpetuate obesity science for the benefit of those employed by it?

Not the last one, that would be cynical. People like that are in it for the good of humankind.

Either way, the 'purpose' of obesity research doesn't seem to match the others, does it?

You don't have a dog and bark yourself as we say over here. Scientists are the dogs by the way.
If any of them wish to 'cure' fatness no one's stopping them. There has never been a point at which I've doubted for one second that the human body can shed weight as easily as it can gain it.
When you look at what the body can do and does, the way it forms and grows, all to a plan. it doesn't begin to be plausible on any level that a body that can gain weight, cannot lose it. For each and every force there is an equal and countervailing one.

That doesn't tell us whether its an opposite route to the original one or by some other pathway/s entirely. Just because you perceive one way, doesn't mean you can understand the other merely by reversing it. Brainy people know that better than any of us.

In fact, such is the response to induced weight loss by the body, it throws doubt on whether the route of weight gain itself is exactly as we think. It makes you wonder, is dieting the opposite of the way the body gains weight gain at all? Surely it would work better and be less painful if it was? I mean, think how painful weight gain is for most people most of the time; then think of dieting.

We are talking a chasmic difference.
How many gain weight in the Morgan Spurlock way, using his conscious and deliberate feeder diet? Beforehand, Spurlock had spent years on what was (for him) a highly restricted diet. Not wholly according to his own desires according to him, but to fit with his partner who is vegan. He planned his eating beforehand, based on dictates other than internal ones. To find out what would happen. Apparently he felt like really bad. It just so happens weight loss dieters don't feel to good either when they override their needs and requirements too.

No shit Spurlock.

Oh come on, it had to be done.

I wouldn't like to speculate. Moi? What I do know is if you try something and expect it to work and it doesn't. You find out why and use that information to take you toward what does.

If you are not doing that, if you behave like someone a in such a state of shock who can only repeat endlessly, it must be right, it just must be.

You tend to be seen as out of your gourd.

As the man said, the definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. If you are presenting what doesn't amount to much as that which amounts to what you want, you are presenting nothing by making it look like it is something. That's the point where you show you've accepted failure.

So when people talk of 'giving up' and 'failure', the only failure here, is the refusal to accept the truth, as it is and move on to finding a legitimate way to connect with that. Instead you keep the cycle of failure in motion. Nobody who's tried a diet, or attempted to try or who's tried 'healthy eating' and couldn't hack it, is a failure. Not at all.

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