Thursday, 25 February 2010


I do not consider myself to be an expert in yoga, far from it, but my ears always prick up when people dislike yoga intensely. It seems to be about the way it makes them feel. I understand. Watch makes me wonder is whether that's so much the asanas or that they bring the feelings we store in our bodies rudely back to our awareness.

A bit like the mental experience of revisiting the sight of a bad experience. It's not necessarily the place in itself, but how you feel about what happened there and the fact that it evokes those memories.

You'd want to stay away right. Perhaps though if you're with someone who you really like. One of those who can get you to shift your mood or attention. Then maybe, you could work through those feelings due to the introduction of different more positive feelings. Greater remove, analysis. Even just being more relaxed whilst feeling those feelings.

The dissipation of enough tension can at times do wonders.

For me, yoga is as much about principle.  

The use of breath

Breathing to release tension, relax and in motion. Breathing to release imagination, using that to increase the flow of energy.

The hardest thing for me is that moment when you are so stiff that you feel unsafe. Like some muscle or other's going to go pop or break! I've been known to give up. Especially when time after time, nothing changes. But if I prepare enough and am lucky, I've sometimes experienced the yielding that comes when the body lets go, with such elegance.

Like a flower opening.

There is no feeling quite like it. 

And guess what? It's made me just a little bit braver.

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